Jasmine Harding


Jasmine Harding is a freelance writer and avid traveler. She is a DIY enthusiast with a keen interest in budget finds and sustainable living. In her free time, you can find her embroidering, researching her next home project, or watching nature documentaries. Check out where Jasmine’s been lately on her website, apaperairplane.ca.

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MAY 20, 2022 | FRIDAY
Solved! Can You Put Wallpaper on Textured Walls?

Q: I’ve found the perfect wallpaper for my guest bedroom, but I’m not sure if I can put it over the room’s orange peel wall texture. Can you put wallpaper on textured walls?A: Putting up ...

MAY 13, 2022 | FRIDAY
The Best Dual Zone Wine Fridges of 2022

Wine lovers’ collections benefit from optimal storage conditions. A dedicated wine fridge, specifically a dual zone wine fridge that can maintain two independent temperature zones, is an ...

MAY 5, 2022 | THURSDAY
The Best Glues for Styrofoam of 2022

Using the correct glue for styrofoam makes it easier to create crafts and hobby projects. The wrong glue on styrofoam not only creates a bad bond, but some glues even can melt or dissolve...

APRIL 29, 2022 | FRIDAY
20 Reasons Why Two-Tone Kitchen Cabinets Are Still Trendy

Two-tone cabinets are much more than just a passing trend. With the right colors, two-tone kitchen cabinets can be timeless. This popular design choice can bring depth and interest to the...

APRIL 29, 2022 | FRIDAY
The Best Solar Birdbath Fountains of 2022

Solar birdbath fountains harness the power of the sun to create an inviting, bubbly watering hole for birds. These fixtures are a convenient alternative to electric fountain birdbaths, si...

APRIL 26, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Shower Benches of 2022

Shower benches aren’t only for seniors and those with limited mobility. Shower benches offer a more modern look than chairs, and nowadays, there are many stylish options to make showering...

APRIL 26, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Stink Bug Repellents of 2022

Ugh! The aptly named stink bugs (any of several insects in the pentatomidae family) won’t do damage to a home, but when threatened or squished, they release a seriously pungent smell. A g...

APRIL 26, 2022 | TUESDAY
The Best Undercounter Ice Makers of 2022

If you host lots of parties, enjoy homemade cocktails, or just like having ice-cold drinks on demand, an undercounter ice maker makes a useful appliance for your kitchen. Also known as a ...

What Is a 3/4 Bath? The Compromise Between Half and Full Baths, Explained

Q: I’m remodeling my home and choosing between adding a full bath or a 3/4 bath off of the guest bedroom. However, both types of bathroom sound rather similar. What is a 3/4 bath and what...

9 Under Deck Ideas for Maximizing Your Unused Outdoor Space

A deck can be the perfect backdrop for enjoying the sunshine, hosting a summer barbecue, or hanging out with friends and family. When a deck is raised, it can add the bonus of more useful...