Jasmine Harding


Name: Jasmine Harding

Title: Contributing Writer 

Jasmine Harding is a freelance writer specializing in home products. She started writing for BobVila.com in 2020 and covers a range of product-related topics, from the best household appliances and tools to the latest gadgets and tech for the home.

Expertise and Experience

Jasmine started writing professionally in 2018. Since then, she’s covered topics in the home, technology, and travel industries for publications such as Futurism, Popular Science, and GoAbroad. 

As an ongoing contributor to BobVila.com, she has written about all things home-related. She has a passion for products that make life easier, whether it’s tried-and-tested cleaning products or new smart-home gadgets. She wants to help readers find the best products to create and maintain their dream spaces. 

Jasmine has a keen interest in interior design, simple DIYs, and home tech. In her spare time, you can find her crocheting, reading, or putting together her next travel itinerary. 

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JULY 22, 2021 | THURSDAY
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8 Mistakes You're Making at the Paint Store

With a rainbow of colors to choose from, selecting paint can be overwhelming. Make the process easier and find a paint you love using these shopping tips.

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How To: Get Rid of Armyworms

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The Best Place to Buy a Rug for Your Home in 2023

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I Tried the Popular Affresh Tablets to Clean My Smelly Washer—Do They Really Work?

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The 15 Best Furniture Brands of 2023

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