Katie Barton


Name: Katie Barton

Title: Contributing Writer

Katie Barton is a home improvement freelance writer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. She has been writing for the Bob Vila team since July 2022 and specializes in topics such as cleaning, organizing, and gardening.

Expertise and Experience

Katie is a freelance writer specializing in home improvement and home decor. Since 2012, she has written hundreds of articles on cleaning, home improvement, plant care, and design. Aside from writing for BobVila.com, she runs her own cleaning advice blog and is a managing editor at Homedit. Her cleaning and organizing advice has been featured on Yahoo!, Cabin Life, Realtor.com, GOBankingRates, and more.

Katie grew up working in her family’s flower shops in southern Ohio. As a result, she has over 20 years of experience working with and caring for plants. In addition to covering plant care at BobVila.com, Katie also tests products, having tested dozens of cleaning products throughout her career while always looking to give readers unbiased reviews.

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