Steven Fox


Steven Fox is an often successful but always enthusiastic DIY buff. Taking after his master mechanic father, he loves nothing better than to amuse himself trying to figure out how things work and how to fix them when they won’t.

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The Best Way to Heat a Home with High Ceilings

As summer heat gives way to fall’s cooler temperatures, daily activities—from dinners to DIY projects—migrate back indoors. But really, how much more comfortable are you indoors with your...

How To: Choose a Radiant Floor Heating System

This article has been brought to you by Warmboard. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Whether it's a new floor for the living room or new cabinetry for the kitchen, remodel...

JULY 28, 2016 | THURSDAY
The Pros and Cons of Radiant Heat

It's no surprise if home heating doesn't rank high on your list of priorities right now, but let's face it: If you were uncomfortable at home last winter, you are going to be uncomfortabl...

JULY 11, 2016 | MONDAY
Yes, It’s the Humidity: How to Control It and Lower Your AC Bills

One of the great, game-changing inventions of the 20th century, air conditioning has become so firmly entrenched in our lives that we now wonder how we ever lived without it. Of course, i...

JUNE 18, 2016 | SATURDAY
The Cooling and Heating Option You Haven’t Considered—Yet

It’s astonishing: Technology has revolutionized so many aspects of day-to-day life over the past 50 years, yet home air conditioning systems haven’t changed much at all. Walk into any Ame...

JUNE 10, 2016 | FRIDAY
6 Technologies Coming Soon to a Home Near You

We all want to provide our families with "all the comforts of home," but just what those comforts are has evolved over the decades, determined largely by the technologies available at any...

MAY 24, 2016 | TUESDAY
What Type of In-Floor Heating Is Right for You?

This article has been brought to you by Warmboard. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Spring has arrived at last. But don't let the warmer weather fool you into forgetting ...

MAY 18, 2016 | WEDNESDAY
The 6 Biggest Myths About Central AC

It's a common refrain: How in the world did people survive before air conditioning? In the modern era, homeowners around the country depend on—and thank the heavens for—central air-condit...

MAY 2, 2016 | MONDAY
Is Your AC Safe from Brownouts and Power Surges?

It's almost impossible to overstate the importance of electronics and appliances in our lives today. We are sounded by equipment that beeps and whirs, blinks and buzzes. From the systems ...

No Gimmicks: 6 New Home Technologies That Really Matter

Digital advances have dramatically reshaped our daily lives, yet for the most part, today's typical home isn't very different from a home built 50 years ago. There may, however, be a sign...