Steven Fox


Steven Fox is an often successful but always enthusiastic DIY buff. Taking after his master mechanic father, he loves nothing better than to amuse himself trying to figure out how things work and how to fix them when they won’t.

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How Preservationists Are Cooling 7 Historic Landmarks

The summer months can turn charming older homes into hot, sweaty, uncomfortable places. Installing central air would bring relief, but remodeling to accommodate ductwork would ruin much o...

JUNE 8, 2015 | MONDAY
Lawn Mower Pit Stop: 5 Maintenance Musts

Your lawn mower has more in common with a race car than you might think. To stay in top working order, both require that their hardworking parts be properly maintained on a regular basis....

MAY 21, 2015 | THURSDAY
How To: Resurface a Concrete Driveway

Durability ranks high among the many reasons to choose concrete as a driveway surfacing material. After years of exposure to the elements, however, as well as to foot and vehicle traffic,...

MAY 19, 2015 | TUESDAY
Add Central AC to Your Old House—Without Erasing Its Charm

If your home was built before the advent of air conditioning, you've likely bemoaned the fact that, for all its historic charm, the structure can't accommodate this marvel of modern-day c...

MAY 18, 2015 | MONDAY
How To: Choose a Skylight

Picture the average lightbulb. Now picture sunlight streaming into a room in your home. There's no comparison, right? By opening interior space to the outdoors and the sun, skylights ushe...

MAY 18, 2015 | MONDAY
This Motion-Sensing Dimmer Fully Automates Your Lighting

If you've bought new light bulbs anytime in the last few years, you know the selection has changed dramatically for the better, with traditional incandescents having been mostly replaced ...

MAY 15, 2015 | FRIDAY
The Fastest, Easiest Fix for a Damaged Wall

This post has been brought to you by Hyde Tools. Its facts and opinions are those of BobVila. com. Perhaps you swung the door open with a bit too much force. Or maybe the movers took a wr...

MAY 13, 2015 | WEDNESDAY
How To: Build a Paver Patio

Patio. The very word conjures up visions of lazy, relaxing afternoons spent with friends and family. For those whose homes lack this appealing outdoor feature, however, the word stirs up ...

MAY 1, 2015 | FRIDAY
Streamline Kitchen Renovation with Quick-Ship Assembled Cabinets

Overseeing a renovation job is similar in many ways to conducting an orchestra. If one section of the ensemble isn't there to play its part, the show simply can't go on. That's why contra...

APRIL 27, 2015 | MONDAY
One Attachment Turns Your Garden Hose into a Powerhouse Cleaning Tool

This time of year, we all rely on the garden hose for any number of chores around the yard. But useful though it may be, the garden hose does nothing more than extend the reach of, and gi...