Timothy Dale


Timothy Dale is a freelance writer, specializing in the home repair and construction niche. He spent his post-secondary years working in the plumbing trade, while completing degrees in English Literature and Psychology, before taking on a Project Management position that ended up lasting 10 years. Mr. Dale has worked in residential plumbing and carpentry over his time as a Project Manager and also spent a year of his career in the commercial and industrial sector. He spends his free time with his daughter, wife, and two Siberian Huskies in the most southern parts of the Great White North, where he enjoys the usual Canadian pursuits: Hockey and driving through snowstorms to get to hockey.

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AUGUST 30, 2021 | MONDAY
The Best Dust Collectors of 2021

Wood and metalworking projects can range from entertaining hobbies to necessary professions, like carpentry and auto mechanic work. However, the one thing they have in common is the mess ...

The Best Places to Buy a Car Battery in 2021

The battery in your vehicle is a key component that acts as the power storage system, providing power to the engine, the ignition, and the auxiliary electronic systems like the lights and...

The Best Flashlight Brands of 2021

The world is full of lights, so it may seem unnecessary to have a flashlight until the power goes out, or you leave civilization behind to go on a camping trip. Without the usual lights i...

Frost Line Depth: 5 Important Things All Homeowners Should Know

Installing a fence, deck, permanent gazebo, or a new workshop requires knowledge of permits and building codes. Another important part of building anything on a foundation is understandin...

AUGUST 23, 2021 | MONDAY
Are You Prepared for Tornado Season? Mark Your Calendars

Tornado season is known as the time of the year that the U. S. sees the most tornadoes, and it can differ depending on your location. So, when is tornado season? In general, tornado seaso...

AUGUST 20, 2021 | FRIDAY
Setback Requirements: 7 Things All Homeowners Should Know

Despite owning the property where you are building, there are many rules and regulations that affect the location, size, height, and even the shape of any structure or building added to t...

Putting Your Home on the Market? Make These 10 Fixes First

Want top dollar when selling your home? It's a good idea to make these changes before the photographer—and home inspector—show up.

What NOT to Do When Cleaning Your Home's Rain Gutters

A home’s gutter system is designed to protect the roof, siding, and foundation from water damage and the accumulation of mold, mildew, and insects that prefer to nest in these damp condit...

Things You Can (and Can’t) Put on Your Septic System's Leach Field

Septic systems are designed to break down organic waste from the home, separating the waste into liquids and solids. While the solid sludge that forms in the bottom of the tank needs to b...

JULY 30, 2021 | FRIDAY
Solved! What is an Easement?

Q: My partner and I purchased a house and recently moved in. The place is great, but one neighbor uses our driveway to access his garage. I asked him about it and he mentioned that it was...