Heather Blackmore


Heather Blackmore is an award winning writer and photographer specializing in gardening, health, and family. Her work has appeared on Good Morning America as well as in several regional and national publications including Better Homes and Gardens magazine, Chicagoland Gardening, Farmers' Almanac, and Chicago Tribune. She also contributes weekly to her blog, Here She Grows, where she shares the highs and lows in her suburban Chicago garden. Heather and her husband are currently weathering the storm of two teenage daughters and one attention-hungry dog named Stella.
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12 Fall Landscaping Mistakes to Know and Avoid

Whether you have a green thumb when it comes to your home garden, or you can hardly tell the difference between a rose and a weed, you should know that there are certain landscaping tasks...

35 Landscaping Plants You’ll Love If You Hate Fall Yard Work

When autumn arrives, the last thing you want to do is put down the rake and start pruning, deadheading, and transplanting finicky perennials. Save yourself the extra work by sticking with...

JULY 13, 2020 | MONDAY
Solved! Do Seeds Expire?

Q: Do seeds expire? I have many flower and vegetable seed packets dating back several years and don’t know if I should keep them or throw them away and buy new seeds. A: Under ideal stori...

JUNE 30, 2020 | TUESDAY
The Best Soaker Hoses for Your Yard and Garden

Whether you have a raised vegetable garden or a mixed border of trees, shrubs, and perennials, everything benefits from a regular drink of water during summer months. But once the July he...

JUNE 19, 2020 | FRIDAY
The Fastest-Growing Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs for Impatient Gardeners

Vegetable gardens don’t happen overnight! But there’s plenty of tasty produce you can plant now, or even later in the season, that will deliver faster than any tomato, pepper, or watermel...

JUNE 18, 2020 | THURSDAY
10 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Garden

As the saying goes, “Hindsight is 20/20.” And while it often implies an arduous experience from which you’ve learned a tough but valuable lesson, the expression is applicable to every sea...

12 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor—to Your Backyard Wildlife

Put out the welcome mat for beautiful backyard critters with these tips for making your property a haven for birds, pollinating insects, and other wildlife.

The Best Rototillers for Lawn and Garden Care

Few gardeners are blessed with the loose, loamy soil that plants love. For those who must break through heavy clay or fix poorly drained soil, using a tiller can be the first step towards...

MAY 28, 2020 | THURSDAY
9 Signs You Have a Pest Problem in the Garden

Decode the clues that sneaky garden gremlins leave behind and banish the little buggers with these pro tips.

MAY 26, 2020 | TUESDAY
12 Landscaping Mistakes that Pros Have Made and Learned From

Let the hard lessons learned by some of the country’s top professional landscapers help you grow your own personal paradise.