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06:44AM | 12/27/98
I want to finish my basement for a play room. The room is unfinished except for a plaster ceiling. The ceiling height is 7 feet. Is this to low to consider a renovation project? Also, is it a big expense to tear out the current ceiling and put a new ceiling in since I may be able to pick up another 6 inches?

Please help?


03:12AM | 12/28/98
7 feet is low, but is usable. I am finishing my basement and the ceiling is 7 feet. Neighbors have the same and they have no problems with it. All of us are under 6 feet tall, though.

Tearing out the existing ceiling is a minor expense, but very dusty! The real cost is the replacement. I doubt you can pick up 6 inches in height. A drywall ceiling is usually put up as high as possible.

Leave the ceiling as is and do your renovation.


12:35PM | 12/28/98
Bob is correct.

Brian Wood

06:01PM | 12/28/98
Dear MG: Bob is correct, so is Dr Home. Anyway, if you create more volume, you have more to heat & cool. The waterguysers wish you a Happy New Year.


06:12PM | 01/15/99
I to have a low ceiling in my basement, 7' 10". I am interested in installing a metal type ceiling. I saw one a while back on this old house with Bob and Norm I think. They were installing a metal ceiling in a kitchen. The metal had a very nice stamped pattern. Does any one no where I could get info on such a product.Can't find it on the net. I am trying to come up with an idea that I can attatch to the Silent Floor joist in the basement that I could remove fairly easy should the need arise. Does anyone have a suggestion?


06:11PM | 02/02/99
I have finished my basement some years ago
and it took me 4 years to do it all. Anyway
what I did with the ceiling is put 2x2 suspened ceiling with recessed lightings between the joists. Most of the height is 7 feet and 5 inches. Small area has the height
of 6 feet 8 inches. I have been very please
with it since there were time when I need
to do some plumbering, electrical, etcs work.

It was nice to just take out the panels then
put it back. Yes, the cost high BUT looks
very nice.

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