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12:59AM | 04/21/04
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why the insults? I`d like to ask any of you 3 how many waterproofing jobs you`ve done....AND had to guarantee....NONE? Exactly...not thousands, even 3 right? Heresay is bllchtt..big deal ya talked to architect or whatever training crap you! You`ve never done the work so you wouldnt know,period.Speak outta yer butt cracks all ya like.Ya prolly have several diff names to post with as well...lots of idiots prolly do that,assume diff nics.If talked to several electricians and read a few elec books,does that make me an expert? LOLLL--what a dipstick you are! I come on here to speak the truth about 1 lousy subject,maybe try and help the true posters who actually have idiots come on here with NO hands-on experience and post crap that ya think is true,that you`ve heard or read...and Tom yer plumbing exp isnt thousands of waterproofings exp nowis it? Hell no! I dont post that I have any exp on any other subject matters other than waterproofing cuz I am The Expert with decades of hands-on exp..tom,if you are a plumber then stick with what you know...Devil..what is it that you do for living? Waterproofing for decades? stick with what it is you do for living..and arent any Lic. Waterproofer either thats why ya took yer lil Homeb job,maybe ya couldnt hack it in any actual building trade..its easier to talk/post crap and rip others on matters you know very little if anything about,maybe you 3(or all the same person) post crap to make yourself feel good or sound good to others.I know better on this subject..sorry losers!


07:15AM | 04/21/04
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If you want to reply to a specific question or answer go to that and scroll down to the bottom and on the bottom right you will see a post reply button. This is where you answer something or make a comment.

I have never lied about my experience. I am not a waterproofer, but I do agree with the one post that said you can do all the digging and trenching you want, but if gutters and slope is not right you are just going to saturate the ground around the house which I don't think you would say is GOOD.

The original post didn't have any background. Just that slope and gutters didn't matter. Excavating was the only way to go.


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plumber Tom

03:11PM | 04/21/04
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I started my career in building maintenace licensed waterproofer, which expanded my knowledge in HVAC, appliance repair, plumbing and heating, carpentry, etc. I happened to pick the plumbing trade. I have experience in working on a crew of waterproofers. Nobody here wants to badmouth anyone. Nobody is questioning your "expertise" in your trade.I'm sure your good at what you do. All I was saying to you was: You were posting without anyone asking you a question....You were rambling. We are all grown men here and there is really no need for insulting anybody is there? Continue to "ramble" if you like. I post in many topics where I feel I can help the average Joe. That's what these boards are all about, sharing, helping and expanding.


01:08AM | 04/24/04
Yes Tom I have posted quite a few times without asking/answering a question,so what...I get so tired of hearing the same things(crap in waterproofing) repeated its no wonder the average Joe gets confused about waterproofing.With the G Haege`s of the world who has everday access(radio show,newspaper columns etc) to many an unsuspecting public,I try and post when I have time to give anyone the real story on waterproofing,I`m NOT on here looking for work. I`m sorry if you or others do not like the fact I post without there being a question involved,I`m only trying to inform.Haege and others speak on some subjects they have no business/experience with and most of the public eats the stuff up,believes it--meaning that if people hear things on his radio show or read something in a news article that it"must be true"..Haege wouldnt lie would he? Devil...what I`ve said was that you/anyone can divert water away from the house all you want...but IF you have a crack in the wall that leaks,then THAT (the crack) is the Problem. And when we all try and divert water away from our homes by means of raising the grade and downspout extensions,by putting say a 5-10' extension on...yes...diverts alot of water away from the surface in that peticular area...BUT...that the same water will still wick and accumulate deeper underground and come through openings in a wall.Think about where/how that water thats been diverted from the surface and 5-10'away from the house...ya have to think about how/where it will still accumualte in soil/clay.Just because someone has diverted the surface water away from an area doesn`t mean it won`t wick back towards the house...underground.Tom..working w/a certain crew of waterproofers if fine..good,but just tells me you learned from"Them"...their way,their system,their not putting them or you down, merely stating that I too,at one time when I was younger and first started out worked w/a crew,a certain waterproofing company and merely learned what they told me,showed me,what THEY knew...Doesnt mean they know everything,which they DIDNT!


03:24PM | 04/24/04
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Don't know about anyone else but I stand by my comments.

This seems to be the 6th or 7th continued rambling and misdirected thread started by the op.

As for me, I have done literally HUNDREDS of basements that needed to be constructed, latered or remodeled to waterproofing standards and warranted personally by me since I own the business.

To date over 20+ years I have no claims nor call backs.

I credit my success not to my own abilities but to those scientists, academic researchers, engineers and architects who have trained me and overseen my work thru the years to make sure they conform to all known and acceptable basement waterproofing guidelines and techniques.

Don't know where the OP gets his training but he and it largely contradicts well established and known basement science on the matter.

I say 'largely' not 'completely' because he does get some thing right.

But then again, a half-truth is often the equivalent of a 'whole' lie.

So I remain in disagreement with the OP and still question his professional knowledge and capabilities.

So should you as you should mine.

get the facts from local professionals like engineers and architects and soils experts and all the rest...then decide.

Final Answer.


02:37AM | 04/25/04
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just stating the ALL the FACTS! You have a problem with the facts? You stand by your misdirect people more than anyone...I go into detail,what fully detailed info on all aspects of waterproofing have you given,one maybe? You state you have"Done literally hundreds of basements that needed to be constructed,latered or remodeled to waterproofing standards"....have you done waterproofing?? And by what means? Are you telling us that you`ve never hand dug a partial wall or entire wall because the jobs you`ve done had no cracks in the wall? And you use the words "constructed,latered remodeled to waterproofing standards"...well constructing is not waterproofing now is it..and"hundreds" in 20 years? What is that,one a month? It isn`t 150-200 a year like we do is it? Claims or call backs on what? Constructing or waterproofing??? You may indeed be a heck of a builder but your thoughts and understanding on basement waterproofing would never permit you to hack it all year long,for couple of decades,cuz you simply do not see the entire picture. And you acually had scientists,architects,researchers and engineers train you? You must be special to get so much personal attention,lol.And any acceptable waterproofing "guideline" & "technique" as you state...just what are the guidelines you`ve been taught on waterproofing or are you rambling about damp-proofing?? Again,let me ask you directly,how many basment waterproofing jobs have you done,what exactly would you recommend for a homeowner who has vertical,step,horizontal cracks in their walls which leak & have mold & efflorescence growing on the walls??

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