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09:12PM | 06/19/04
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I live in an apartment and have (storm) windows, the kind where ya can push the little buttons in at the top and tilt them out to clean them, that won't stay up! Now, if I want to keep my window up I have to put something under the window to hold it up or else it falls down. Is there any way I can fix this myself? In the space where the window slide up and down there is a spiral looking wire. If that helps. Sorry I haven't provided the proper info. As I said, I live in an apartment and never owned a home so I am clueless about these sorts of things. A friend of mine told me once that her father fixed hers before just by "screwing" something on the side of the window. But, she wasn't sure exactly what it was he did. I have no clue! Thanks!

I also want to fix this myself if I can because the landlord gets all nuts whenever something needs to be fixed/repaired and takes his time doing so. I would be saving myself some trouble. Thanks!


07:05AM | 06/20/04
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let's see if we can be less disruptive for the landlord then and help rest his spirit and yours.

When most of these tyupe windows are removed, The catch at the bottom of the spring balance is left in position in the track. When placing the window sash back in, the ears that it hangs on must be above the catch. Then the sash is tilted in snug on the track and you push it down to catch the catch and then it all holds together while the sash runs up and down normally, conterbalanced by the spring.

I am assuming that your sashes have somehow fail;ed to catch correctly, or that possibly, the catch itself it either broken or has been allowed to sanp all the way up without the sash on it. if so, you should not see the spring and there will likely be a small plastic part in the track near the top. You could snag it carefully with a screwdriver and slide it down in the track with the sash out, then reinstall the sash.

if you can fined the manufacturere's name stenciled on the glass or another part of the window, you might be able to Google them up and find out more. Several manufactureers have excellent websites even with videoclips

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11:06AM | 06/20/04
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Ok, thanks. I will try to see what you are saying. There is no manufacture name on the windows anywhere! I have also tried finding pics/illustrations on the web and nothing so far. The few I saw involved pulling the window apart and were for the old wood windows. These are not old wood. They are alluminum/vinyl and, as I said, they tilt in so they can be cleaned. Thanks again!


01:53PM | 05/03/14
Ears, sash, catch... use pictures. For many this is NOT helpful


02:17PM | 04/04/15
I found the description with words to be extremely helpful as I was trying to figure out what the name of a product I already had in real life was called so I could order a new one.

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