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02:40PM | 05/01/14
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We have a collection of circa 1962 St. Charles kitchen cabinets (robin-egg blue bottom cabinet with a walnut faced upper cabinet) that appear to be in very good condition. We are embarking on a kitchen renovation and want to find a new owner who will appreciate the style and functionality of these excellent cabinets. We are based in Washington, DC. Please email me if you would like detailed photos and dimensions.
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09:15AM | 06/23/14
I have a complete 15-piece set of St. Charles metal kitchen cabinets for sale. More photos available. Contact:
Img 1736


12:54AM | 07/17/14
I will buy some of them, I have them in my home. please call me at 724.208.0992 my name is Jamie scarry


05:36PM | 08/14/14
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Do you still have these cabinets available to sell?


07:05AM | 08/17/14
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I'm looking for some ST Charles to add to my kitchen..
If any of these are still for sale please email me at..
upsndownsfrm AT gmail DOT com

They need to be smooth faced wavy handles
13 deep uppers and 25 deep lowers


12:27PM | 10/30/14
Vintage St Charles Kitchen Cabinets (Set of 20) Excellent Condition

Contact seller through Craigslist listing:

Full set of 20 Cabinets
All metal / Steel
Bright White finish (New powder coat finish)
Uppers have the original (and working) Under cabinet lighting
Original Wavy handles
Base units have full extension drawers and roll-out shelves

More pics available at:

Specs listed below:

St Charles kitchen Cabinets - Original in 1960 / Excellent condition

Uppers Cabinets
1 36 Wide x 30 High Double Door / Integrated under cab light
2 42 Wide x 30 High Double Glass door, Glass Shelves , Mirror back , Integrated under cab light
3 36 Wide x 30 High Double Door / Integrated under cab light
4 25 Wide x 30 High Corner, Single Door, Hinge right, Integrated under cab light , Lazy susan
5 12 Wide x 30 High Single Door, hinge Left
6 12 Wide x 30 High Single Door, Hinge Right
7 25 Wide x 30 High Corner, Single Door, Hinge Left, Integrated under cab light , Lazy susan
8 33 Wide x 30 High Double Door / Integrated under cab light

Base Cabinets
1 24 Wide x 34 High Curved double door, 3 shelves
2 15 Wide x 34 High Single Door, hinge Left, plus drawer
3 24 Wide x 34 High Sink base, double door
4 30 Wide x 34 High Double door with two full extension pull shelves, plus drawer
5 15 Wide x 34 High Single door, Hinge Lft with two full extension pull shelves, plus drawer
6 27 Wide x 34 High Cook top base, Double drawer
7 15 Wide x 34 High Single door, Hinge right with two full extension pull shelves, plus drawer
8 27 Wide x 34 High Double door with two full extension pull shelves, plus drawer
9 18 Wide x 34 High Triple Drawer with integrated pull-out cutting Board
10 18 Wide x 34 High Single Door, hinge right with lock (Liquor Cab) Two full ext pull-out shelves
11 15 Wide x 34 High Single Door, Hinge Right integrated tray dividers, with drawer

Pantry Cabinet
1 27 Wide x 81 High (24 Deep) double door above over, Two deep pull out drawers below

All Cabinets have original wavy handles.

Img 1905


05:02PM | 11/28/14
Are these cabinets still available? Please email me back at



05:04PM | 11/28/14
my email is susan at thebaffler dot com.


07:41AM | 12/24/14
Do you still have the St Charles robins egg blue cabinets for sale ??


03:14PM | 12/27/14
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I have a kitchen of St Charles cabinets that are going to be removed ASAP. I have a question about the correct way to uninstall them. What is the best way to accomplish this task? What was the original method of installation? Pictures to follow of the kitchen cabinets that are available.


11:19PM | 01/02/15
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Miller - Where are you and what do they look like? Colors? I might be interested! I love St. Charles. :)


09:11AM | 01/03/15
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I have made adjustments to my stcharles cabinets... Made room for a bigger stove. My base cabinets were anchored to the walls with screws. Very easy to remove and reposition. Whats your location and what color cabinets are you selling? Thanks.


03:30PM | 02/16/15
I have a very large set vintage St Charles kitchen cabinets. I believe the color was considered avocado. I don't want to scrap them for the metal after all that I have read online about St Charles kitchen's but they need to go. There are two pictures that don't accurately display all the cabinets on hand. Several (2-3) cabinets were tossed out during the demo process but majority of the cabinets are still on hand. Like mentioned before the kitchen was very large so there are a lot of cabinets. The kitchen was set up in a U shape with the following rough dimensions: 10', 12', & 6'.
Img 2812


02:58PM | 05/10/15
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I am looking for a few base cabinets. Please contact me if you still have them.


11:00AM | 05/24/15
Anyone that posted here have cabinets still? Please email at jfearncombe AT gmail dot com.


02:13AM | 06/26/15
I have a full set of 1964 St. Charles cabinets - blush pink. We renovated our MCM home but are hoping to sell the cabinets. Email for cabinet details and measurements.
Img 6794


07:55PM | 08/02/15
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We need repacement drawers..18x6 and one cabinet door 18x29 1/2.
Our "ball bearings nylon rollers "are worn out on the drawers. Actual drqwers are fine, but willing to buy entire drawer to get new rollers.
Hope we can connect.Sam


06:04PM | 11/11/15
I have a full St. Charles Kitchen in Melon Green (a light celery color). Excellent condition with only a couple of scratches/areas needing paint touch up. 4 full upper cabinets (8 doors), 1 single upper cabinet (1 door), 1 large upper cabinet above wall oven (2 doors), 2 single upper corner cabinets (2 doors), 2 small cabinet sets above refrigerator and stove (4 doors), 4 lower drawers (circular pull outs), 1 set of lower cabinets under the sink with one pull out shelf (2 doors), 1 set of lower cabinets under the counter top stove with 4 pull out shelves (2 doors), 1 lower cabinet with two shelves (2 doors), 2 large drawers under the single wall oven, 1 large bread drawer, 1 large drawer with 3 sections for pans, 5 standard size drawers. All original hardware. Contact me at if intersted in purchasing. Best offer. Available immediately. New York state.


03:33AM | 01/02/16
For a remodel of a 1970 St Charles kitchen, I'm looking for a 33" wide, 12" tall cabinet.
Preferred finish is Structured Steel.
Depending on the available pieces, I might be able to trade in some other cabinets or drawers.
In anyone has info, email me at


04:56PM | 03/29/16
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seeking three st charles base cabinets. rebuilding our home after a fire two years ago. thought we had what we needed and builder says no. we need 24", 18" and 15" base cabinets. anyone have these? i hope.


06:00PM | 10/08/16
The old St. Charles drawer glides with ball bearing plastic wheels are easily repaired. Drill out the stubs of the wheels from the metal side frames, replace with standard shower door wheels form a good hardware store, 7/8th" i think. Just take the old wheels to the store. You will probably need a washer and some Loctite. These work well.


09:15PM | 12/11/18
Vintage St. Charles Cabinets for Sale - we have due to renovation a complete St. Charles kitchen for sale.

For more details please email me at


01:01PM | 05/18/19
Still available? I too have a St Charles kitchen and am interested in expanding it.
Susan Andersen


05:26PM | 09/04/19
I have a set of St Charles kitchen cabinets that we will be removing when we renovate our kitchen. I would be happy to sell them. Anyone interested?
Email me at


05:29PM | 09/04/19
Related to the last post - It isn't uploading my photos as requested.


10:01PM | 11/05/19
I have a full kitchen of blush pink St Charles cabinets, including bread drawer, cutting boards, mixer lift shelf, etc. For Sale in Michigan. Please contact for more detail if interested.


09:05AM | 12/09/19
I have a question about my cabinets that I'm hoping someone could help with. The cabinets have lighting and an outlet on the bottom of each. A ballast recently blew on one of the lamps. The owners of the home (I rent) think that I caused this by plugging something into the outlet. I do not think that is what the cause was but will gladly pay for repairs if it is. I assumed that the light and outlet are wired separately and one would not affect the other. The outlet still works and what was plugged into it was a remote doorbell. The kind that can be run on a few AAA batteries. Any opinions or expertise on this?


05:58PM | 01/17/20
I am looking for a full set of St. Charles cabinets, but need a large amount of unusual pieces. My kitchen is a U-shape, about 10 X 10. Let me know if you are selling any of the following:
2 upper corner cabinets
2 lazy susan base cabinets
2 or more base quarter round cabinets
Would also like 2 upper quarter round cabinets (not critical)
They can be any color, any handles. Optimal would be like the photo (if it will upload), and that is pretty much my kitchen layout. I have found quite a few sets, but most are a galley layout, which I can't do. Thanks!

Lisa - email me at


06:04PM | 01/17/20
Trying to load the photo again - looking for the smooth cabinets for a 1930s or 40s look.


01:47PM | 04/25/20
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We are in the beginning stages of a kitchen remodel and have a full set of St. Charles cabinets we may be parting with. They are in good condition. They were originally yellow but we had them professionally sprayed white.

I have 2 questions for the group.
1. Is there anyone who has knowledge about the resale value of these cabinets?
2. Is there anyone who is looking to purchase?

I am in Chicago and can provide pictures/measurements. A quick summary is that we have 5 large upper cabinets (4 sets of 2 door cabinets and a 1 door corner piece), 7 lower units with a combination of drawers and doors.

I can be reached at if you have knowledge about the cabinets or interest in purchasing.

Thanks and be safe.


12:34AM | 07/22/20
I am doing a kitchen remodel and am selling my St. Charles cabinets. I have 2 double size uppers and 2 single size uppers. A cookie sheet cabinet with dividers, 2 lazy Susan corner cabinets 2 drawer units, a double wide lower cabinet, a sink cabinet with pull out drawer, a pots and pans cabinet with pull out drawers, and 2 single size lowers with a drawer. If interested please email me at I am located in Oklahoma.


10:48PM | 04/15/21
We are moving and want to sell our St. Charles kitchen cabinets rather than send to a landfill. They are light green on the bottom cabinets and darker green on the top cabinets. One full-length (floor to ceiling) with a deep drawer at the bottom is the lighter green. One under-sink cabinet with vent plate. Seven drawers. Nine full-size cabinets. One over-the-fridge cabinet. Location is Los Angeles. Please contact if you are interested.


10:29AM | 06/18/21
I need 14 exposed replacement hinges for St. Charles wood cabinets. Any ideas from anyone about a source for them?


11:37AM | 10/14/21
I am looking for a blind corner (aka lazy susan) base cabinet. It needs to be the right-side blind. If anyone has one to sell, please contact me (

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