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01:50PM | 04/29/09
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Decided to replace existing window blinds with new ones - real wood. Have been shopping around; like Levelor because of some unique options offered. However pricewise, if I buy online from Levolor it's very expensive, whereas and Lowes are significantly cheaper for the same thing. Is there a difference in the product?

Have heard that some manufacturers make a cheaper product that looks the same for places like Home Depot & Lowes. Anyone know if this is so with Levolor?

I don't want to pay premium price if I don't have to, but don't want an inferior product either.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge!





06:40AM | 05/01/09
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Dear CityGal,

Congratulations on your decision to replace your blinds with real wood blinds! They will make a huge impact on your decor.

The answer is there is no difference between the Levolor products sold through Levolor, and those sold on The only difference is the price. We are an authorized dealer. Make sure that wherever you buy, you know you’re buying from an authorized dealer like

I also suggest you look at the Deluxe Wood Blind (,8251), which has the same unique features available and same quality as Levolor real wood blinds at an even lower price. Plus, 96.4% of our customers never need to use the 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, but it's there if you need it.

Compare 2 Standard 36" X 60" windows: Deluxe Wood: $75

Levolor 2" Premium Wood: $114

You can email me directly, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have and send you some samples!

Best regards,

Esther Steinfeld


08:32AM | 05/01/09
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Thanks Esther for your reply. Glad to hear that price is the only differentiator. :)




01:27PM | 08/24/11
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Hi CityGal,

I'm a general contractor and I ran across your post on the forum and thought I would take a moment to answer the question.

I've installed my fair share of window treatments in my career and I love the fact you are going with a trusted brand name like Levolor! I used to shop at Home Depot but started doing my ordering online in 2005, in order to save my clients money. Living is Washington, I work in the US and Canada so I do business online with Blindsgalore and their Canadian company Blindsgalore Canada. I appreciate their everyday low pricing vs. liquidating old products through "Sales" and their free shipping to my client's door steps.

Anyway, these are a few very popular wood blind options worth checking out: Wood Blinds. I hope this helps!

Kindest Regards,

-Nicole Slettengren


06:12PM | 11/25/11
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i would stick with lowes, and go inside in person to see them for yourself. you never know what your getting online. but that's just my opinion


12:22PM | 02/01/12
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Levolor is wonder. The price is well worth it.


12:32PM | 04/16/13
I use Blinds Chalet ( They are excellent quality and their installation instructions are super easy to follow. In my price comparisons, they've also been cheaper than


06:39AM | 10/09/14
Interesting One. Zebra Blinds provides the at over USA and Canada.


04:40PM | 12/05/14
I have just installed a Bali cellular blind from Home Depot and it appears to be fine. I had to buy it because Levelor refused to honor their “LIFETIME” warranty. It seems that they define lifetime as over 10 years. I had Home Depot, where I bought them, call and then I called. They insisted that they had no responsibility to honor a lifetime warranty over 10 years old. I have a house full of these and they are all falling apart. I will never use Levelor again and would strongly recommend against them.


04:38PM | 03/09/15
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BV006452- Could not agree more! But OUR t.d/b.u dlb cellular Levolors(from H.D.)started falling apart @ 3 years. Plastic cordguides/mechanisms are inferior design,IMHO. Normal daily cord operation causes cords to cut into these plastic mechanisms and eventually they start getting hung up in this 'slice/cut'. Now you need to get out the step stool to release the cord each time... daily. Multiple units! H.D. attempted more than once to get Levolor to do something about this back then, but no luck. We even took a unit into H.D. so that they could verify the problem and convey the issue on to Levolor. When H.D finally got back to us, they told us Levolor said it was a 'cord issue' and no warranty. It was a 'cord issue' (started fraying and then breaking) only because the guide/mechanisms were a bad design (IMHO)! Many other brands use some sort of a smooth metal guide system for the cord to ride on that works way better IMHO. The Bali blinds that we purchased for another area of the home (at the same time, that area needed a color that Bali had) have such a mechanism and are still going strong with no issues (11 yrs. now). Just my experience/opinion... YMMV


04:56PM | 03/09/15
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Follow-up...We have had enough. We have limped along with these Levolors for another 7 years after I broke out the tools and manually negated/blocked off the original plastic locking guide system just to make the blinds usable. Had to install those little hooks on either side of the window jamb to 'wind-up/lock' the cords onto for up/down positioning every day and night. Will be getting new blinds for all of these bad units now. we come!


10:43AM | 05/25/16
Do not use They do not stand behind their 100% satisfaction guarantee statements and the inefficiencies and lack of technology is baffling. I ordered blinds for my new home and spent almost $1,000 on them. In most cases, I was NOT happy with the way they would look on my windows. So, I chatted with a representative who would only re-order four (4) sets. Unfortunately, this time I mis-measured. I contacted chat again to determine if the order could be stopped and they stated it could not. It’s FOUR days prior to shipping and went on record as they do not have the technology to stop the order. Perhaps it’s shame on me for ordering my remakes at 50%, but I inquire about the cost of an expedited production cycle. The representative states no expedited production but they can 2-day ship at $25 per blind. Thanks for trying to add insult to When we get to payment, the representative has processed it to overcharge me. When I questioned, it was corrected but had I not questioned it would have gladly taken more money than entitled.

You can go to ANY local big box store and have blinds cut to order and return them for a FULL refund. Same is true with REAL internet based companies such as Amazon. I will highly recommend that you spend the little bit extra and go to a reputable company that puts their customers first and stands behind their guarantees.


12:02AM | 07/23/20
Levolor will not stand behind products. Our blinds didn’t even match. BBB has the rated an F.

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