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05:46PM | 08/16/10
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My Liftmaster Security + keypad has worked well for 7 years. Today it quit opening the door. You can put in the code and it will close the door but won't open it. I replaced the battery with no different result. The keypad will blink for about 15 seconds. I tried to change the password but couldn't. Any suggestions?


10:07PM | 02/22/12
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I have seen many people with problems with their garage doors but your might be the first of its kind I have encountered. The circuit in the remote might have rusted inside since it has been in use for 7 years. Maybe its time to get a new one? I am sure Liftmaster would have spares available.


11:12AM | 05/01/15
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I know it has been 5 years, but did a new keypad work?


05:51PM | 11/01/16
This has happened to me twice. All you need to do is reprogram the remote keypad. On the motor unit find the "learn" button. Push it. You will have 30 seconds to enter the 4 digit code you want to use on the keypad. Then press and hold the "enter" botton. Watch the motor unit for the lights to flash. That is your sign the code has been learned. I simply entered the same code we always use, not a new code. This has fixed the problem both times.


12:23AM | 01/17/18
Interesting. I pressed the learn button, and the same code (on try three I tried a new code) the light blinks but they my keyless entry still keeps blinking.

Any idea why this would happen?


08:57PM | 06/05/18
I had that problem too. 9 years old Chamberlain keypad suddenly stopped working (flashing lights with no action), so I bought new one. At first it worked, but next day it also gave up. Tried to re-program it many times. During testing I have found that there was a range issue. When I have it really close to the receiver antenna it works 20/20. When I step several feet away it stops.
That means only one thing: the receiver inside the opener is out of tune. I haven't opened it yet though to see what happened inside.
Read this before you invest in a new keypad.


08:59PM | 06/05/18
Forgot to add.
My 9 years old keypad also works close to the antenna.


09:28AM | 12/18/19
Just an FYI - I had transmitter problems with both my remotes and my keypad.
Turns out it was RFI - interference from new LED lights I installed. When lights off all transmitters worked fine, when lights on I had far reduced range or not working at all.


06:57PM | 01/08/20
Thanks BV021135!!
Put the incandescent bulbs back in and the keypad is working flawlessly!!!!


10:40PM | 01/30/20
Wow thanks everyone-- had tried everything and was about to opt for expensive replacements, turns out it was just the bulb interference. Changed the bulb to incandesent and works as good as new now.


03:51PM | 03/01/20
Try reprogramming the key pad using a different number code. The same thing happened with my key pad and it was just a bad number on the keypad. Once I used a different number code that didn't use that individual digit then it worked fine.

Leo Alfie

03:48AM | 03/13/20
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Maybe some times it occurs a programming problem . check it


05:28PM | 04/04/20
Mine would close on password entry, but not open. Rapid keypad light flashing. Changed the code, using different numbers, now works. Thank you!


05:51PM | 09/08/20
Changed to halogen & fix it!


06:00PM | 11/19/20
I tried everything. Mine will only close door :(


11:56PM | 12/05/20
Resetting the codes seems to have solved our issues.


03:28PM | 08/13/21
My Chamberlin key pad doesn't have an ENTER button!


03:28PM | 08/13/21
My Chamberlin key pad doesn't have an ENTER button!


11:51PM | 10/02/21
My keypad would close but not open the door. None of these tips worked for me. So, I started messing with the key pad. When I entered the code, I noticed a small LED flash next to the Learn button on the door opener. So, I tried entering the code, pressing enter, then pressing the learn button when it was flashing (or something like that). Then it worked after that. I was super releived that worked. Its funny b/c I had a brand new keypad that I was about to set up.

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