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03:36PM | 12/22/17
I know there is an exact science of how to convert interior paint into exterior latex paint.... However I'm not looking for that, basically I have40 gallons of grey interior paint and I want to use that in an exterior application, The biggest thing is how to protect it from the sun. I already added a mildewacide so that's covered and it definetly sticks w no issue, just wondering what I can add to protect it from the elements??? I appreciate any responses TY Randy


05:27PM | 07/26/18
I'm in the exact situation. Did you find an answer?

steel hammer

12:33PM | 07/27/18
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I'm not sure if it's possible to turn interior paint into exterior paint. The paints are made up differently and have a different type of resin. Therefore, I don't know how you could convert painted intended for the inside of a space into paint for the outside. Sorry!


11:53AM | 06/20/20
I'm trying to do just the opposite..want to figure out if exterior paint can be used as interior


11:54AM | 06/20/20
I'm trying to do just the opposite..want to figure out if exterior paint can be used as interior


02:19PM | 03/23/21
Exterior acrylic latex can be used inside, has no weather elements


09:32AM | 04/11/21
Why not turn it into chalk paint. (Look for recipe basically a ratio of paint and plaster of Paris) That’s durable outside as long as it’s painted on well dry surfaces


08:53PM | 05/21/21
ok guys here is a solution use one tube of painters caulk per gallon of interior paint less it is already w a primer.if its a interior +primer just use as is just make sure the wall is sealed from top and double the life span of it use a can of some sort of poly.and like the other gentlemen answered on exterior to interior i would say go for it.see what happens im wondering if it fades faster due to controlled atmosphere.


11:33AM | 08/07/21
What size of tube of painters caulk? There’s 5.5 or 10.5 oz.


10:05AM | 11/03/21
We have been given a large quantity of water based interior paint. We want to use it as exterior paint, volunteers painting a Village in Belize. Can we add Painters Caulk to the paint to make it into exterior paint ??? Anything else we'd have to add to it, fungicides, etc. ??? Thank you for all your suggestions


09:51AM | 02/26/22
Use m-1 mildew additive, and a few ounces of polycrylic ,whichever sheen ur using ,to 1 gallon of interior paint to make exterior paint .A few good shots of exterior grade caulk will help also.


10:22AM | 05/10/22
In error I painted my screened in porch with interior paint. Should I redo with exterior paint?

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