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08:06PM | 06/06/18
I have spent HOURS looking for a solution both in forums & images of wiring diagrams & have found none pertaining to my wiring set up. The box in the ceiling has 2 completely separete sets of wires. 1 is red / black/ white/ copper the other is white / black / copper. When I took down the old fan they were all interconnected along with a remote control box. Unfortunately when I disconnected them, I was rather exhausted & did not think to note how they were all connected. Even though the wires were connected to a remote control box, the fan was controlled from the wall switch, separate fan speed / light buttons. So I have 2 questions: I probably don't need to re install the remote control box since it's controlled by the wall switch, right? and the big one: How do I hook all these wires back up properly?


03:20AM | 06/10/18
Couple of things to do to check what that wiring is:
1) open up the switch box an see what cable comes to it (probably the 3-wire w/b/r+ground (bare copper) one.)
2) make sure none of the wires are touching each other or the box, then turn the power on to this circuit. Then use a tester to carefully check where there is power (probably in the 2-wire w/b+g one). Then turn the power off again (and check with the tester to make sure it's off!)
Also, is the white wire in the 3-wire cable marked with a piece of black tape on it, either in the ceiling box or the switch box? It probably is, or should be.

If these show the way I said they probably would be, then the following is how to wire this. (If it isn't, write back with more details.)

Power comes from the panel on the 2-wire cable. That white wire connects to the white wire from the fan/light fixture. The black wire gets connected via a wire nut to the white wire of the 3-wire cable. (Yes, really!) Mark the white wire with a piece of black electricians tape so people know it is actually a hot (black) wire. That carries power to the switch box. In the switch box, that wire will be connected to both the light on-off switch and the fan on-off-speed control.

Power will com back to the ceiling box in the black wire, which is connected to the black wire of the light. Power will also come back to the ceiling box in the red wire, which is connected to the fan motor (probably a blue wire). [Note that this could be reversed: the red wire might be used for the light, and the black one for the fan. That works OK too, as long as you connect them that way in the ceiling box.]

That should be the connections you need. If this doesn't match what you see, or if it doesn't work, write back.

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