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05:06AM | 10/08/02
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My garage door is suddenly causing me problems. I am hopeful that it is something my BF and I can fix ourselves. It started with randomnly opening. I would drive in, close the door, go in the house, and suddenly hear it going back up again. This happened a few times. Then suddenly, it would not close at all. The light would blink, it would make a clicking noise, and do nothing. Every now and then it would close and then go back up. Then sometimes it might go half way down and back. Is this a sensor problem? I've cleaned all debris from around the sensors. There is a green light lit on both of them. Any advice? Thanks in advance for your help. By the way, it's a Craftsman (not sure how old - came with the house when I bought it).


09:25AM | 10/08/02
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I'm guessing that one of the pushbuttons on either a transmitter or the wall is sticking.
That would explain the erratic behavior.
You should be able to prove this by disconnecting the wall buttons or remove the battery from the transmittors - one device at at time - then test for awhile. See which one, if any, is the culprit.


03:26PM | 10/08/02
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Open the door and pull the release cord to close the door manually. Does the door open and close properly with ease when you do it manually? If not then the auto closer will not do it either. It is sensing an obstruction and opening.


07:11AM | 10/10/02
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"I would drive in, close the door, go in the house, and suddenly hear it going back up again."
This statement from the original post makes me think it's not a mechanical bind or a sensor problem. If the door was closed, and then later opened by itself, then something electrical "told" it to open.

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