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02:26PM | 06/09/09
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I have a Kenmore 70 Series Washer.

mod 11.22712100

ser CL 1825044

type 111

the washer will not advance through any cycle. you have to manually turn it to rinse and spin. the timer does not advance on its own at all.

lid switch is not the problem. if i put the washer in spin or rinse cycle, and open the lid, it stops.

everything is working fine except the timer moving it through the cycles.

do you know the part number, or any other reason this would happen?


09:33AM | 06/10/09
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** Kenmore washer mod 11.22712100 **

That model number is incorrect. It likely should be 110.22712100

** the timer does not advance on its own at all. **

If the timer *never* advances on its own, it is likely defective and needs to be replaced.

- Kenmore 110.22712100 Washer Timer


Basically, if the timer's motor was getting power the timer should be advancing. Power there but no movement = defective timer.


Dan O.

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06:41PM | 10/16/11
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I'm having a similar problem. I have a Kenmore 70 series, mod 110.20702991 and today it stopped draining. I.e. it went through the wash cycle and then the timer just stopped and it didn't drain, rinse, or spin.

I heard the issue might be the lid switch, so I unplugged the dishwasher, opened the top panel, unplugged the switch, and closed the circuit from where the grey wires were with another wire. Once I plugged it back in, it rinsed when I set it to rinse, but after rinse the timer stopped again and it won't drain.

Which brings me to the following questions:
1. Is the lid switch the problem?
2. If so, is there a way to drain the washer before I replace the lid switch?

Thanks in advance for the help!


10:08PM | 10/17/11
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**it went through the wash cycle and then the timer just stopped and it didn't drain, rinse, or spin. I heard the issue might be the lid switch**

That is common...


**but after rinse the timer stopped again and it won't drain**

A bad lid switch will stop the spin and drain after the wash and rince.

**is there a way to drain the washer before I replace the lid switch?**

Lay the drain hose down. Water bed pump. Bail.



10:13PM | 02/16/13
My Kenmore 70 series washer (model no. #110.20722990) will not drain or spin. The timer will go all the way to the end of the cycle. I then have to go back and put it on spin and pull. Then it works. So I wonder if it's the timer. I don't think it's the lid switch because when the lid is down it works. Any advice would be great.


09:32PM | 02/27/13
TIP: a washer that doesn't drain after agitate but goes into spin and then drains while spinning is the timer missing the "just drain" short cycle. If a slight tap or few on the timer when it is supposed to only drain makes it engage, that is a good confirmation a new timer will fix this problem. From experience, and simple fix to replace the timer - it's not a contact problem. Apparently, the plastic cog for that small section of the timer cycle is small and gets worn down to where it doesn't make the contact engage.


06:33PM | 04/13/13
my kenmore series 70 washer when i put the lid down the washer would start and when i raised the lid it would stop. I sometimes would drop the lid and it would start working now when the water fills it just starts working if the lid is up or down how do i fix it


01:47PM | 03/17/14
My Kenmore stops at the rinse/spin cycle and just hums. After the water drains, it will stop humming, kick in and spin. This happens on both rinse/spin cycles. If I catch it while its humming and push the knob in to shut it off and then pull it back out, everything works as normal. Lid switch is by-passed. Could it be a contact in the dial? Which one? Or do I just replace the whole dial/timer? Thanks!


09:55PM | 04/13/14
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I have a Kenmore 70 series model no 110 22722 (canada).
- Set washer to small load
- Pull the Control Timer to start the wash
- Tub fill with water (no problem there)
- After the tub is full a moaning sound appears. It sounds like the washing machine is trying to engage but after a few seconds the sound stops and nothing else happens. If I pull the Control timer to try to start the washer the grinding/moaning sound appears for a few seconds but the washer doesn't do anything.

Any ideas? Also, anyone know where I can purchase parts for this washer, at a reasonable price? Thanks everyone...


07:35PM | 09/25/14
Model 110 - 26752503
Like everyone else, I may have a timer issue. My gremlin is the wash cycle starts fine, rinse cycle starts fine, but occasionally there is where it has the issue. It will get stuck in the filling of the rinse cycle where it keeps filling the tub and does not shut off. We have to open the lid and advance the selector knob just a small amount and then it runs fine the rest of the cycle.


10:40AM | 09/26/14
You should to chek a proper manual and installments program as well or under warranty period you can call customer care for better service provide.


01:51PM | 12/07/14
I have kind of the same problem.. The switch on my washer broke, so I shorted the switch.. Now the timer will only advance when the water is not running.. So when I ran the washer after I "fixed it" the water just kept running cause the timer doesn't advance when the water is running..

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