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09:04AM | 02/22/04
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Considering replacing my old gas water heater for a tankless water heater. It takes considerably less space and is advertised as 60-80% more efficient(?) Has a longer warranty. Do these systems effectively provide sufficient hot water? Are there any code problems? The prices are OK. Installation quotes are outragous - up to $3000. I'll install it myself. Comments please.


03:16PM | 02/26/04
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Hi William2. We installed a Takagi propane model and it has a great output that can easily supply 2 baths. Did require extra expense to have it installed to insure it met all codes. Only 'problem' so far is that plumbers installed it at the far end of the house from the master bath so have to run extra water to bring up the hot water to where we want it. Have an 80 gallon air bubble tub and works great. Also a double shower so we can both showers at the same time. Can't run out of hot water so never worry about that. A significant change in water pressure may cause the flame to go out so flushing during showers is a 'no-no' but we are on well water?? Be sure to do your research and get a model that will support the quanity of hot water that you need. Consider two installations to support a heavy load and then can locate at either end of house. Good luck!


04:12PM | 06/17/04
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We had a Takagi TKD2 installed when we built our home and we love it. As was previously stated, we never run out of hot water. It's very efficient, and we also like the fact that the absolute hottest water we can get from the tap is 120 degrees. That means less worrying about the kiddies scalding themselves by accident. We're in Chicago, and we didn't have any problems with the lower inlet temperatures during winter. I'm spoiled now and would never want to go back to a tank-style heater.


10:41AM | 11/06/04
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I know this is an old thread, but I havent been here in a while to input on the subject I am very familiar with. We installed two Bosch units, they support one device at a time, like a tub/shower, or washing machine, but when either are in use, the sink faucet can be used as well, it just reduces the amount of water being sent through the shower or washer without really affecting the temperature much. We have both the powered and natural vented models installed, and since we are on a well system, if the power goes out, we dont worry about having hot water for showers since after a few minutes, there wont be water anyways due to the pump not working. :) After 3 years, we have seen a considerable drop in propane usage during the summer which we can contribute to the water heaters.

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