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11:41AM | 03/21/02
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i want to paint the trim in my house. should all the woodwork in different rooms be the same color.?i need a decorator's perspective on this.


03:46PM | 03/21/02
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See reply to your other post


10:07AM | 03/28/02
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If you paint the trim on one wall in your living room white, then do the same throughout. Keep some uniform even if you have different style and color furniture, paper and paint on walls, keep the molding and trim the same.


04:45AM | 07/11/02
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This sounds like a unique idea. Your home should suit you, so do whatever you think looks good. We all have different tastes, so one person's idea may not work for you. We framed a wall in one room with stained wood trim and it looked fantastic. I will tell you that if you want to sell the house later, you may consider being uniform throughout the house to make it sell better. But in the meantime, be creative.


05:07PM | 07/25/02
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Each room can be individualized-
but if i was to add trim to my living and kitchen-because it is a continuous large room and open (there is no doorway or frame between the two to seperate the room) i would do that trim in the same color/stain. But if I was to do trim in my bedroom and my kitchen-they are seperate entities and treated like such. Unless you have the same decor thruout your whole house, which is highly unlikely so I would stick with the color or stain that matches the decor in that particualr room.
But like the previous person said-if you plan on selling it keep the color uniform thruout and a very basic color...whites/offwhites/stains. Since many people have different furniture and colors, you do not know what the next owner will have. But if you plan on living there forever or a long time then I would go with a basic color that you really like-but do not go with a "fad" color-like a yellow car , becuase if you change your decor the next season then it will not go and you will have to go thru all that work again to repaint/restain to the color of your new decor.


12:49PM | 10/25/02
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I have a rather large house. All the floors I just installed are oak hardwood and I used Oak base and shoe, I am going to stain all the woodwork the same through out the house even though each room has a different color in it. All except one room since that room is going to have Rosewood flooring and Maple trim stained Cherry to match a cherry door in the bathroom.

One thing to consider, if you have nice wood trim made of oak, maple or quality pine, best not to paint it, but to stain it instead. Nothing irks me more than looking at a house that had nice hardwood trim and seeing it covered in a coat of paint. On the other hand if it is cheap trim, paint it.


04:13PM | 10/29/02
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No, the trim and woodwork does not need to be the same color throughout the house unless, say, you have a design scheme that consciously incorporates the uniform wood trim as the one consistency throughout the house. It also might be more preferable if you have an open house where "rooms" just transition into each other with no real wall separation. But it otherwise is ridiculous to limit yourself to just one trim/woodwork color just for the sake of uniformity. Make the trim/woodwork cohere with the colors you want in that room, not vice-versa.

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