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07:22PM | 10/27/07
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Someone told us that if you repeatedly put very hot pans (say after frying something on a gas range) on a granite countertop, this will result in dark marks on the countertop. Has anyone experienced such a phenomenon?



01:02AM | 11/04/07
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What probably happens is the heat destroys the sealer on the granite allowing stains to penetrate and darken the surface. The granite itself was formed at much higher temperatures than a frying pan will ever reach.


01:39PM | 05/17/09
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We had granite in our kitchen and I thought it would be impervious to high temperatures and last forever. We had a kitchen fire several months ago. The granite cracked and large chunks broke off and fell into the floor. I'm not saying hot pans can do a similar thing but granite is not nearly as long lasting as you might think. I would not sit hot pans on granite. We also put kitchen towels under mixing bowls and other things that could act as an abrasive on the granite to protect its finish from dulling.

Globe Jockeys

11:07PM | 09/14/11
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I have a friend who works at
Michael Burton Bathrooms and he never stops saying about the benefits of granite over anything else. The long term risk of damage to it is much lower than to anything else.


10:44PM | 10/29/11
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i would assume so. i have granite counter tops myself, but i haven't been in the house long. i would take precautions to save the counters


02:32PM | 11/28/11
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I have done so, and I didn't get dark marks, but I did get a "ring" that is doesn't really go away from the bottom of the pan


02:30PM | 01/11/12
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While it is true that granite can withstand a great deal of heat that does not mean that a hot pan cant damage a granite counter top. One risk is that the granite is does not expand and contract easily consequently when a hot pan is placed on it there is a chance the counter can crack. remember the majority of granite counters are only 3/4" thick - they "shock" easily.

The greatest risk however, is to the sealer or jell coat applied to granites. These are applied to both protect the stone from stains but also to allow many stones to be polished. These coatings can be quite sensitive to heat and abrasion and once damaged are hard if not impossible to fix. Treat your counters like wood and they will last like stone is my motto. Use trivets, cutting boards and coasters - or use soapstone which can be easily refinished!


11:36AM | 08/31/13
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I made some no-bake-cookies. The cookie batter is put on wax paper for each individual cookie. I now have dark spots on my granite where each cookie sat to cool. I've made these before and never had this trouble. Is there a way to get these dark marks off?


10:02AM | 01/15/14
The damage that can be caused by a hot pan it to the sealer as well as chemicals and and other products on the surface. Hot grease can discolor stone based on the grease sitting in the pours of the stone.

Recommend that you clean the surface of the countertops and use a trivet for hot pans on any surface.


01:58AM | 04/18/14
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If you don’t want to face any problem, then you have to use some precautions. But granite is always a better option.


07:06AM | 07/31/14
I was under the impression that heat can not damage granate. I was wrong. I placed a very hot burned pot on the black granite counter for couple of minutes, it made a permanent mark for the entire bottom surface of the pot.


12:36AM | 10/21/18
Have granite countertops for 11 years, never had any trouble placing hot pans on them 'till just last week. The hot skillet left for just a few seconds on my dark brownish specked granite produced light outline of the bottom. The stone is not exactly "burned", it is still shiny, but the light circle is noticeable.

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