11:39AM | 07/01/13
Member Since: 07/01/13
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DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT - I have been through this two times, once in 2011 with the XML, which was replaced in 2012, then with the new replacement material that is now doing the same thing after one year (looking for the name of the new product which they said would not turn - replaced the desert bronze XML) - WHAT A MESS - I am into these guys for over 25K - may be getting my own attorney - would like to know if anything happened with the class action law suit?

Michael Miller

10:01AM | 07/06/13
Member Since: 07/06/13
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We had our TimberTech decking installed March 22, 2012 - Rustic Bark in color with a Walnut colored border and center plank. Approximately three mos. after it was installed, we noticed a greyish blotching on the Rustic Bark color. We contacted the installer and the supplier and neither one had seen anything like this. We were getting the same excuses - it could be from the glider on the deck, leaves, or bird droppings. The area affected was under the glider but not where individuals would be sitting. We had not had leaves on the deck and bird droppings had been cleaned off. We were told by the supplier to clean the area with Dawn Dish Detergent - no luck. Then they recommended that we purchase a deck cleaner - no luck. TimberTech finally contacted us and we were told to use a heat gun. That did take care of the greyish discoloration - however, it reappeared in 2013. Deck Max was sent to us in October 2012 (no charge) - definitely too late for us to use in Wisconsin when you need a deck temperature of 70+ degrees. This year - 2013 - we experienced the entire deck having the greyish color. Over the July 4 holiday, I applied the Deck Max (by hand since we only received one container and we have a huge deck - wanted to have enough solution for the entire deck) and it looks great but who knows for how long. I have friends who have purchased low maintenance decking material from Menards, Lowes, etc. at a fraction of the cost of TimberTech and have not experienced these problems. We will not be recommending TimberTech decking to anyone until it is proven that individuals are not experiencing these problems. I agree with others - why should we have to pay for this solution if we have to apply yearly. I will be joining others in signing up on the class action site.


12:47PM | 07/09/13
Member Since: 07/09/13
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Hi everyone,

I have XLM Walnut Grove and my deck is only 2 weeks old. I already start seeing these white stains showing up. First I thought it was mud, but no matter what I do they won't get cleaned. When deck is wet they are gone, but as soon as it dries out they are back to haunt me!

Can anyone update me about the lawsuit?

Does DeckMax really work? I haven't tried it yet as I live in Canada and I can't find the product over here.

Please any update is welcome. After reading all these posting here I feel that the "free maintenance" will be my worst nightmare!!!

Michael Miller

04:25PM | 07/16/13
Member Since: 07/06/13
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To the individual who has the Walnut Grove Timbertech decking in Canada - I would recommend that before you use anything on your deck that you take a picture of your deck, contact Don Hoover at Timbertech - 937-655-5256 and talk to him. We also have the walnut decking. When I talked to Don on July 12, he denied having any problems with this color decking, only the Desert Bronze. Timbertech sent us a container of DeckMax last year. My regret is that I wish we had taken a picture of the deck this spring (since it was much worse this year) before I used the DeckMax (results after using this were terrific but who knows how long it will last). Mr. Hoover will assign you a case number - keep this number and any time you call and complain, that number will be on file.


10:50PM | 07/28/13
I purchased two products by Timbertech last year, XLM and Twinface, cedar. The XLM so far seems to be holding up, however the Twinface is fading, cracking and full of mold spots. Our yard faces south and there are no trees shading it. I called the company and got the same reply as many others, "Apply Corte Clean and power wash". We purchased their products because they made the claim of low or no maintenance. They sent us a claim packet which I will fill out and return.


11:19AM | 08/19/13
i am having the exact same problem. we bought the walnut timbertech decking and it has massive white greyish blotches everywhere, cleaned it three times in a row and it does not go away. This is very upsetting because we paid a lot of money and I am not happy at all.


06:23PM | 08/20/13
My TimberTech deck has white stains after just one year. Tried to remove with a host of cleaners.

Company tells me this is normal wear and tear and is not considered a product or performance warranty issue.

They are sending me enough DeckMax to clean the deck and tell me this should be considered annual maintenance.

Does DeckMax remove the white stains/haze??

Any other suggestions on how to proceed with the company?


11:09AM | 08/30/13
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I have had the same issue. after one year of installation of timbertech, my entire deck is a chalk white. I am now looking at stains made by behr to "cover" the white. So much for a maintenance free deck. The functionality is still great but looks bad. What can I do. I have had my deck for three years now with no resolution.


11:33PM | 09/17/13
Mold on another Timbertech product. They have one individual to deal with all of these claims, If he gets around to your piece of paper on the volumes he has on his desk you might get lucky and get a response. Be persistent, companies don't want to deal with all these headaches so make it hard for you. Go to your retailer and COMPLAIN loudly and publicly until they send a rep to your house ! If not expect nothing to happen, you are one of thousands with these issues. And remember only gene in claims to deal. Give em Hell. They are living like Kings , believe me.
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