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12:08PM | 02/19/06
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Help! My washer is draining out of the roof drain pipe. Only the washer and not any of the sinks, showers, or dishwasher are doing this. It's never done this before and I'm wondering if it has anything to do with my septic system drain field... Not sure if this is a major issue or something very simple. Any words of advice to handle at home?


03:07PM | 02/19/06
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Thanks for your reply, but I'm one step ahead of ya...I tried plain water running in kitchen, bathrooms, showers, and washer. The washer is the culprit...and plain water runs out of the roof pipe. It sure is baffling me....


03:25PM | 02/19/06
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Where is the washer located in the house?

How is it connected to the drain?

Where is this roof pipe?

Is the washer located on the 2nd floor and the vent pipe on a part of the house that is only one floor? That is the only way that I could see this happening.

Normally the washer drains into a standpipe, which is just an open pipe and there is no way for the water level to get any higher and the top of that standpipe.

Or does it connect to a basin pump or sewer ejector pump? And if so where do they connect into the drain system?

erik peterson

04:22AM | 02/22/06
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Ive seen this several times....someone has sealed the outlet hose from the washer to the drain-pipe because it was backing up or starting to back time goes by and there is a complete stoppage and when the pump kicks in to drain the washer it simply pumps the water to the path of least resistance.....up the vent.. exiting on the roof. erik


05:52PM | 02/23/06
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well, the verdict is in...I've discovered after digging up the yard, that my 40+ year old home had a graywater system installed which had become blocked. And the water apparently had no where to go but up...the block was cleared after snaking through 18 feet from the roof and now there is a lovely little septic tank to pump out. It also appears that the distribution box is broken as well [cha ching cha ching]...who would'a known?

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