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04:40PM | 06/22/06
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I can't find a septic catagory so I thought this would be a good place to post my question. Has anyone heard of the Septic Genie for unclogging leach holes and the drain field? Our cesspool is old but is structurally in very good condition. However, a couple of months ago effluent started to rise around the clean-out cap after a few long showers were taken in a row. I am guessing that the soil in our drain/leach field is too clogged or settled with waste. I have read about the "Septic Genie" which is an air pump driven system you put in your tank that circulates waste eating bacteria into your tank and supposedly it unclogs the leach holes and the biomat in the leach field.

Any insight on this product or another solution would be greatly appreciated.



08:22PM | 04/19/15
Good question. I'd like to know too! I'd guess that Bob Vila doesn't know something! :-)


04:35PM | 06/16/15
The Septic Genie promotes aerobic bacteria that does indeed "eat" the biomat from anaerobic bacteria clogging the pores of the leachfield soil. It worked for me...saw improvement in my failed field in a couple of days. My Septic Genie has been in use over 5 years with no problems. Came with a diaphragm air pump that aerates the column (the genie) 24/7. I highly recommend this practical technology.


08:29AM | 05/03/20
I am looking to purchase a septic genie but very skeptical. We have to have our system pumped every year and only a family of 3.There is ponding water around the distribution box and septic tank lid area. I was told lateral needed jetted out or replaced.


03:49PM | 11/18/21
We ordered a septic genie for our failed system. It completely rejuvenated our leach field.
We have since moved to another state and have just ordered another one for our system here.

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