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Weekend Warrior

07:25AM | 11/22/04
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What is the ABSOLUTE STRONGEST glue on the market?

I have a brand new (6 mos old) dining room table that was damaged in storage. I beleive I can fix it with a strong glue and well placed screws. But I need a recommendation on what glue to use.

I have heard Gorilla Glue is supposed to be good, but is there something better (stronger)- maybe some 2 part epoxy?

Thanks in advance


02:50PM | 11/22/04
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Gorilla glue or two part Epoxy is about as strong a glue there is for wood working. You might get stronger adhesion with a marine glue. The truth of the matter is, with proper gluing technique the glued joint or pieces should be stronger than the wood itself even with yellow carpenter's glue. I would go with the Gorilla glue though. It can be expensive and it doesn't last forever so if you don't glue a lot of materials together get a small bottle. If you've never used Gorilla glue before read the directions because it is a water curing glue. One side gets the glue and the other side gets wet.

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Weekend Warrior

04:02AM | 11/23/04
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Thank you.

To save the brand new table (and keep the wife from convincing me to buy a new one) any expense is worth the investment.


07:45PM | 03/08/18
I come to you because my profession was medical. A few years back I purchased a two chair 3 piece dinette set. After putting it together one thing was evident. My surgically repaired right wrist was not as strong as it once was. The wrist was repaired
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