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01:46PM | 11/19/09
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I recently bought a home with a HessCo jacuzzi tub, and I cannot figure out how to turn the jets on.

HessCo is no longer in business; can anyone help me obtain an owner's manual...or tell me how to turn the jets on?



06:04AM | 02/15/10
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I also just bought a house with a hessco tub. I found out how to turn it on by accident. You have to push the triangular drain open/close knob. It's not very quick to react though and I usually have to do it several times before it works. I believe it's an air switch type setup and I was thinking of installing a seperate push button air switch somewhere else on the tub.


11:36AM | 10/19/16
I am also looking for thos missing part. thanks for directing my research. see attachnent.Thanks. Mame Mor


06:08PM | 08/28/17
We also bought a house with 2 Hessco Jacuzzi tubs. We'd like to replace (if possible) all the gold hardware with white or brushed nickel parts. Is that possible? I'd also like an owner's manual. Would it be more cost-effective to just replace the tubs?

DIY Plumber 01

07:48AM | 09/01/17
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There is a site called whirpool tub parts of something like that, i think its a dot net site (I have no affiliation to this site whatsoever). Look for sites like that and ebay for obsolete model parts. For a user manual this may be a bit out of the box but hotels etc still use these tubs, maybe they have maintenance guys with it? Other than that I would ask on social media, craigslist etc as someone surely has one.

Steven Logan

07:53AM | 09/01/17
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Thank you jgruce! I am literally in exactly the same situation as this and have been trying for weeks to get the thing on!


09:41PM | 02/13/18
Wow had my house for eight years and couldn’t figure out how to turn it on. Then my wife comes out of the blue from it turning on and right off at the end of a bath. I’m pushing the triangle...but nothings I guess I still can’t figure out how to turn it on.


08:57PM | 03/22/18
I just purchased a home with a Hessco Passport tub and can’t figure out how to turn the jets on. Can anybody help?

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