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02:19PM | 09/14/00
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Hi, our home was getting hotter and hotter by the hour. My husband and I checked the vents and found that there wasn't any air coming out of them so we checked the outside pipe and found ice. We also looked at the coils and found more ice. The coils have just recently been cleaned. We turned off the system and it is hot as h*** in here. We live in FL so we need the system! Can anyone help me in figuring out what the problem is?? Thanks!


06:04PM | 09/14/00
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Could be a number of things. If not dirty evaporator coil or condensor coil, then try dirty air filter. If not then you need a service call for low freon from possible leak. Their are other possbilities but I'd suspect the freon if you don't have an air flow problem somewhere. To get coil to defrost, turn your a/c off but turn the fan switch to on to blow air accross the coil to defrost it.


03:47AM | 09/16/00
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The above is right. The coil will freeze, if there is a leak, plugged filter, or some kind of air flow problem. I can bet that there is a leak. All Air Conditioners eventually devolope a leak .


02:01PM | 11/09/02
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I don't know how you all do things out there but we hardly ever have leakage problems. The majority of our problems have to do with plugged metering valve, or strainer filters. In our business we have learned that a mech tech who always gives thier customers the same tired excuse of low refridgerant just showing the extent of thier training.. Now finished ranting on my soap box.


08:23AM | 11/13/02
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oh really? hmm, then I guess that tiny little amount of freon that was detected around our outdoor unit, and the fact that it needs a boost every other year doesnt mean its leaking. hmm. Well I dont know about where YOU install AC units, but anything is possible when it comes to a unit that has gas under high pressure. A poor solder joint can develop a slow leak that could take years to bleed down before requiring a recharge. I guess your one of those supermen who can braze a perfect joint any time.


12:10PM | 08/20/07
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I can't help. Infact I have a window AC that is doing the same thing.

I did as suggested, just using the fan. Ok! Now what? Still freezing up.

I told hubby to take the back off & clean it. Will that help? He doesn't want to do it. LAZY!!!


12:53PM | 08/20/07
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I have done a little bit of homework on my AC problem. I have learned that perhaps my problem is a dirty condensing coil.

I cleaned that with a toothbrush. It seems to be running ok.

I still want to know about taking the back off to clean there. Will it make a difference??

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