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06:25PM | 05/31/06
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We recently bought a house, and have been redoing the kitchen. The kitchen was completely done in knotty pine paneling, and instead of ripping it all out and putting up all new cabinets, drywall, etc., we decided to paint the paneling for now, and rip everything out in a couple of years.

This leads to my problem.

The cabinet door hardware were the old black iron really big pieces. With everything painted now, and looking much more country instead of cabin-y, we needed to get new hardware for them. While it was easy to find the pulls, the hinges have proven to be much more difficult. We've bought hinges that seemed to be able to work, Belwith 3/8" offset antique brass hinges, however, they aren't offset enough for the doors. We need 1/2" offset hinges, and I can't find them anywhere!

Any ideas on either what I can do, or where I can find these mystical hinges?

doug seibert

03:52AM | 06/01/06
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Here's an online store that has a wide selection.......perhaps this is the style you need or they have additional sizes/styles.......

"...measure once.....cut twice....throw that one away and cut a new one...."


05:17AM | 08/04/08
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We are just now finding ourselves in the exact situation with the cabinet hinges. I have measured many times and seem to need 1/2" offset hinges but am finding it very difficult to find that measurement. 3/8" are abundant but that will simply not fit onto the exterior of the doors. I was wondering the same thing, do 1/2" surface mount offset hinges exist?

Other than the link in the only other post, did you ever get any type of resolution?


JVS in Decatur, GA


07:02AM | 08/04/08
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What we ended up doing was getting a flush hinge (similar to this:, and bending it with pliers.

We just couldn't find the offset we needed without spending an arm and a leg, and had to make them ourselves.


10:42AM | 08/20/10
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I stumbled across this post. I work for Atlantic Pacific Industries and they are the last company left that still makes these hinges.

They make a full line of 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" offset hinges. If you want to find a store near you that stocks them go to


03:16PM | 12/31/13
Just wanted to let everyone know that Hardware Source ( has 1/2 inset hinges. I got here by searching for the same thing myself. Here is just one example:|2+Inch+Inset+Hinges


08:07PM | 07/21/14
I need 1/2" offset (or lip) and 3/8 inset and I really want self closing. It doesn't look like I am going to find them but if anyone has found them please post it here.


12:53PM | 02/22/15
I don't know if it's too late for you, but I found EXACTLY what you're looking for... I searched high and low for these myself:


12:55PM | 02/22/15
Amending my previous post above... They are not EXACTLY what you want as they are not self-closing.


05:02PM | 05/04/15 doesn't have 3/4" offset hinges but does have 1/2 " and 3/4" inch only 1 style (multiple finish) but only place I found and I have been looking. Not sure if they are surface mount.


02:57PM | 06/02/15
Thanks all that was a big help. I am going through the same thing. Been looking everywhere. I ended up cleaning up and painting my old ones, which worked but I had thrown some out in the beginning because I didn't see an issue getting new ones.


02:45PM | 02/12/18
I found them here $4.99/pair


06:24PM | 06/10/19
If anyone is still looking for 1/2" lip hinges for older cabinets try and search for sku "732559". As of this writing (Jun 19) they have 2 finishes, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Satin Nickel. The latter is backordered until late Aug 19.


02:07AM | 07/19/19
Hi. I have cabinets with a 3/8" offset and a 1/2" inset, and was looking for concealed, soft-close or self-closing hinges.

After finding nothing, I realized that, from a mechanical perspective these hinges are impossible because if the axis of the hinge were behind the door, it would not allow for the lip to clear the casing without mortising the cabinet or building out the door mount. The axis of the hinge must be parallel to the face and the lip to function without interference.


12:37PM | 12/10/20
After searching for HOURS. I finally found a site that makes them. They are a little pricey but if you absolutely need them here they are

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