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05:35AM | 10/18/03
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We just bought a house and are moving in in 10 days. We are having a baby in April and the house REAKS of cat pee and cigarrettes. My husband already tore out all the can we save the beautiful hardwood floors and everything else? We plan on painting and cleaning, but what is the best remedy to get rid of the smells?

Glenn Good

06:29AM | 10/18/03
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Good luck!

Quite a few years ago my wife and I rented a house with the same problem. We spent a month and hundreds of dollars cleaning and painting along with everything else we could think of to get rid of a cat urine problem. It turned out we could not do it and we never moved in.

If you do find a good solution to this problem please return and post it so others will know. Cat urine is one of the most difficult odors there is to get rid of.



05:47AM | 10/20/03
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I hope you got a good deal on the house. Why would you buy a house in that shape?

I'm assuming the cat urine soaked into the hardwood floors. In that case I don't think sanding and refinishing would help. Does anyone else have suggestions on that? Maybe the sanding and putting a couple coats of polyurethane on it would help.

Good luck,


11:25AM | 10/22/03
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I recently moved into a home as well and had to repair sections of the wood floor due to damaged boards - not from cat pee though. I would reccommend trying to find the sections of the home that smell the worst (the cat had to have a few favorite places) and replace sections of hardwood in those sections and then sand and finish the floors. Maybe if you get the big trouble spots the smell will dissapate enough to be tolerable. Sorry!


11:25AM | 10/27/03
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I have used the stuff that you remove the smell of skunk for the odor's that you speak about. Got it at a vets. Try it and see what happens. Good luck


05:19AM | 10/29/03
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I recently bought a house that had a similar problem (cat pee) in one of the bedrooms but it made the whole house reek. The sellers masked the problem before we bought by burning candles but that's another story.

Anyway, there IS a solution to your problem. Bleach and Polyurethane. I got the industrial strength Clorox available at Home Depot. This stuff kills everything from TB to HIV so I figured it would do for cat pee! I put on several applications of the bleech over a 2 day period. Beware, the bleech reacts with something in the cat pee and makes sort of a toxic Seriously...wear a mask.

After that, and this is the KEY step, I applied two good coats of the polyurethane. Poly will lock in anything..smoke, odors, etc.

In your case you would want to bleech, stain then poly. I'm not sure how the wood will look after you bleech it compared to the rest of the floor but a few good coats of stain should get it looking right. In my case it was just a plywood floor and I recovered with carpet.

In any case, that solved my problem 100%. Even on hot, humid days there is no odor.

Good luck!


07:39AM | 07/26/07
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We just bought a old center hall colonial with a cat urine problem. 2 of the bedrooms upstairs had a bunch of cats living in there for 5 years!! the 3 layers of wood flooring were soaked right through to the rafters. We removed all the wood flooring because the smell was unbearable.

NATURES MIRICLE is an enzyme based solution SPECIFICALLY for CAT URINE. Using bleach of anykind will just cause a chemical reaction with the amonia that is in the urine. There are "crystals" in the urine that harbor the smell. Bleach alone WILL NOT get rid of them. You can find the nature's miracle @ PETCO. Spray on the urine areas and really soak the wood. Cover with wet towels then plastic. You want to keep the area wet and warm. You should notice a difference within 24-48 hours.

Our situation was a little extreme - I had never experienced anything like it. We definitly had to remove ALL the flooring, but someone who might have a small problem area can hopefully benefit from our experience.

Good Luck!!

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