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R Man

11:52AM | 12/10/03
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I have a digital thermostat, model 1F80-51, programmable 5-2 days. It works fine, but it doesn't seem to operate like the unit in my last house. If it's in heating mode and set to 70^F it will kick on as soon as it reaches 69^F. The furnace cycles on and off too much and I think I'm damage to it, not to mention wasting energy.

My last unit would kick on at 70^F, heat until it reached 72, then kick off. It would let the temperature drop to 68 before repeating the process. This seems to be a preferable solution.

I have read the operating and programing instructions, but they make no mention of a temperature range, or how to program that range. Is this just a dumb unit or is it not operating properly? Any help would be appreciated.

The instruction manual is located at:

plumber Tom

04:37PM | 12/10/03
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Is it located near any supply registers? If so a diffuser may be in order. Drafty locations? Make sure it's mounted on an inside wall. plus or minus +/- 1 degree doesn't seem to dramatic. What does it say about calibration? I didn't read the link.


06:32AM | 12/11/03
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R Man:
Yes it is a dumb 'stat. Smart ones do have offsets/differentials/deadbands around the setpoints so you can create a comfort zone, like you just mentioned from 68 to 72 with setpoint at 70. Multi stage 'stats have these kind of functionality. I have Honeywell CT3200 and furnace is coming on every 15 min for 5 min. or so and current temperature display on 'stat is always same. It trackes the setpoint within +/- 1 degree F. It could be a great selling feature but when it comes to furnace run time, I bet this "smart" tracking feature is costing me more bucks!

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