09:25AM | 09/06/05
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hi. I have an old intertherm 'softheat' baseboard heater (model EBH 1500, 240V), and the limit switch inside has broken.

I know that Cadet bought the Intertherm baseboard heater line, and now makes what appears to be an identical model, the EBHA 1500.

my question is, does anyone know if they really are *identical* - ie, I've found a website selling limit switches for the Cadet model - will it fit the old intertherm?


01:45PM | 09/06/05
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Contact tech support for Cadet and check for sure.

But if this is a seal fusable link or kilxon type of thermostat those are usually generic.

Check the writting on the old one and see if an applinace parts distributor has replacements.


02:03PM | 09/06/05
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I'm not sure what a 'seal fusable link or kilxon type of thermostat' are, and unfortunately a big chunk of the part number was on the bit of plastic that has broken off..

it looks like a little round button with two wires on it, and inside a smiley face shaped piece of metal which presumably contacts (or not) depending on how hot it is. I'm guessing from googling that it's a klixon type.

regardless, I spoke with some people at universal appliance parts inc, and they tell me that the cadet/intertherm parts are identical... I've ordered a replacement limit switch ($18 kit), and will post here one way or the other once I get it...


12:07PM | 12/10/07
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I have a similar Intertherm baseboard heater, and learned today that the heat sink is broken. Is the heat sink the same thing as the limit switch or perhaps included in it? The the description, it sounds similar. If so, I will order the part ASAP, if I know which website to order it from.

I'm using it now by turning it on and off manually, but the friend who bypassed the heat sink and thermostat told me it is not safe to go without the heat sink, and I want to get one as soon as possible.

Thanks, and blessings!


12:37PM | 12/10/07
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'heat sink' sounds different? the limit switch is a little round button shaped thing, about the size of a quarter, with a couple of wires coming out of it.

the limit switch's job in life is to turn off the heater when the thermostat keeps saying 'more heat' (because the room is cold), but the heater is working too hard and needs to cool off for a while..

regardless, these guys were very helpful for me:

(they used to be called 'Universal Appliance Parts' which I mentioned in an earlier post, but they renamed)

they certainly have a bunch of parts available, pick 'Cadet Heater Parts' from the products menu on the left of their main page. the cadet models appear to be just rebranded 'intertherm' - all the bits are interchangeable.

just make sure you pick the right voltage for your heater type (it says on the little electrical access panel what type and model it is).


04:09PM | 12/10/07
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Thank you for the lead -- I will call these people tomorrow!

The "heat sink" my friend showed me was smaller than a quarter or even a dime, but the top of it was round. I am hoping the company you referred me to will be able to provide one, either alone or as part of a kit. The repairman said the heat sink was necessary in order for the thermostat to work; otherwise it doesn't turn off (apparently, not even if the room is warm enough!) and the unit can overheat and start a fire. My friend wired the heater to bypass the thermostat, but now I have to babysit the unit by unplugging it every so often so it can cool down.

So it's a good question what a heat sink is! (I'd thought of them only in connection with computers.) I only hope it will be possible to get one for my make and model. It's an Intertherm, but I haven't been able to find the model number on it.



05:33PM | 12/11/07
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Hello again,

I've discovered that my "heat sink" is now called a "limit" but they no longer make the right size for my heater. The limit I need is the size of a dime; the new ones are the size of a quarter. Does anyone know a supplier of used or older parts, or perhaps another brand that would fit (it's 4 McV) - or someone capable of adapting the size or even constructing a custom part from scratch?

I'd greatly appreciate any leads! I am turning the heater on and off manually (on an hour, off 10 minutes), but it surely is cold in the mornings!



09:24AM | 12/12/07
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The make is Intertherm (now called Cadet), Softheat, model EP1380-1202, and the number of the part is 20700L237-759L300, 4 McV. I have found a potential source of NEW parts to fit it, on eBay, seller name bluestang5, store name "Actual Technicians Heating and Air." They have quite a variety of parts! The trouble is, they are having some problem determining the exact size I need. If they mean physical size, I can get mine back from the friend who removed it and measure it in millimeters; if they mean cutoff temp, I would take the closest LOWER one to be safe! I am getting back to them as soon as I post this.

I am then going to check out the link you included in your message, in hopes they will have the exact size in stock.

Thank you!


08:20PM | 12/12/07
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I just bought a limit from the ebay seller I mentioned. The physical size is identical to mine. Had a choice between a NEW L250 and a USED L300, and although mine was L300, I got the new one because of your advice. This will shut it off when 50 degrees cooler, but my friend said the heater would very seldom reach 250 degrees anyway.

I hope to be nice and warm in time for Christmas! :-)



10:00AM | 10/28/09
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Good Morning, Thank you so much for your posts. I have the same unit and am curious, did the purchase of this switch solve our problem? I have found the same part at the Ebay store and just curious, Did it Work?


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