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05:50PM | 01/23/07
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I am in the process of buying a new home and just found out it has an apollo heating system. I was just wondering how good and efficient these systems are or aren't.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.




05:07AM | 01/24/07
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I really appreciate your input. We will inspect it further. We are in the Pacific NW region and it seems to be a popular heating unit. I was not familiar with it at all until yesterday.

Thanks again




07:08PM | 09/02/08
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This system is common in the NW. We have had our system for twelve years now. The system has problemsn like the pump going out every couple of years.The cost for due it yourself is a little over two hundred. Also the radiator likes to leak every so many years you will need to replace it. That can cost a few hundred. But the biggest thing is that there is water running through this thing all the time. When it springs a leak it has a pan to drain into if it flowsn down to it.Many times when it springs a leak it sprays all over the wall or could flude your floor. I think this sytem has saved us money over all but the risk is high. They pitch it as a gas forced air system. Well your hot water tank is gas and the water is piped into blower unites that feed of the hot water. Mine is broke again and winter is comming not sure what we are going to do. Would like to put in a heat pump but who can afford it. If you like to house I would hire a apollo certified hvac company to come out and inspect the coils and pump even see if you can purchase a service contract on the heating system.


02:09PM | 05/09/13
Recently replaced and Apollo System with a regular Lennox HVAC system. New system worked fine until I turned on the heat. I hear continuous rumbling between the floors of level 1, main floor, house has a cut finished basement. The main floor had an Apollo system, not the other floors, separate HVAC systems. The company that put in the news system stated, they did not remove the old system, as they did not understand the Apollo system, they by passed it. The rumbling noise, I suspect is water still forcing thru the circulator system, it is so loud at night and early in the morning when it is colder that I cannot sleep. The water heater is in a utility room under by bed and I cannot sleep. The rumbling runs 24/7- I shut the power off to the entire house for 1hour+ and it was still rumbling. Question - does the Apollo system have to be removed if replaced by a new system? Can it still "run" if by passed? CAn it get louder at night, and why? Tempurature changes? Thanks


04:09PM | 06/17/14
we have trouble only with the AC component
we have Firstco (texas) and they claim they are the ONLY one to order a compresser from that fits this sytem takes 10 days ...Metro area are there NO substiute?


11:32AM | 11/09/14
Usually early in the morning my Apollo heating system in the
utility room next to my bed makes a ramdom loud clacking noise.
It has been checked by a plumber twice but after a week of
no noise is doing it again. Do I need to call an HVAC co.
or what do you recommend. The plumber found a water valve
on the toilet partially closed and said that was probably
the problem but I guess not.

Many thanks, Terry


07:26PM | 10/26/15
Recently moved into a new apartment complex in Reno Nv the unit has a Apollo heating unit. It takes a really long time to heat up. Had it set for 77 went out for about 2 and a half hours came back and the thermastat said the temp had only gone up 2 degrees. Anyone offer any ideas? Much appreciated thank you. You can email me at


01:54PM | 10/01/16
Junk. They leak. Burn up your more expensive water heater, can't get t parts anymore and they mess up your water temperatures when you shower. I also don't think they save much money, none when you consider the risks of flooding.


09:42PM | 12/15/17
Installed an Apollo system in our new house in the mountains of NC in 1995. The system has worked perfectly for 22 years. We did replace the 50 gallon Apollo (State) 50 gal propane water heater in 2012 after the tank started leaking in the basement. Found a replacement at Ferguson. About $1200. We also have a Goodman Heat Pump system in the upper floors. Our house is 5000 sq/ft. The heat pump has never heated or cooled properly and it is currently not working. We have no problem keeping the house warm all winter with temps ranging outdoors at a min of 0 to 40 degrees. In the winter I do turn the temp up on the water heater to "HOT" but still below the scalding temp. We use $1200-$1500 a year on propane and that includes our cook stove. The heat in the registers is never hot but maintains a comfortable level for a minimum cost. We do supplement with a soapstone fireplace when we have the time. I wish Apollo was still available. I would not hesitate to install it again in a new home. any questions you can email me at


01:54PM | 03/28/19
my apollo furnace is leaking, please let me know where to find replacement,as I learnt that apollo company has closed the business.


03:57PM | 10/06/19
Total junk. Hate them. Replace with whole house heat pump or better separate heat and central air.


12:29PM | 07/03/20
My 1999 Apollo heating system has never given me any problems and finally died. Ferguson has a gas ( water heater to replace the Apollo system --(State ). Now hoping the new one lasts as long. Apollo was in my condo in Virginia Beach, Virginia. There several plumbing companies in the area that know how to replace. I went back to the original plumbing company who put the units into the bldgs. when the condo was 1999


07:16PM | 07/28/20
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@BV022869...I pretty sure I live in the same condo complex that you are referring to. I just found out today that I have to replace my water heater. Who did your replacement? What kind of water heater did you get? Any information you can provide would be helpful. I'm currently waiting on my home warranty company to get back to me to find out what they will cover.


09:22AM | 02/02/21
The system jacks my gas bill up significantly during cold months. It is not worth having at all. Do not buy a house with it. You will have to pay for heavy cost to fix or replace it.


06:03PM | 03/24/21
To put it bluntly, they suck! Run away from that house.


09:40AM | 06/08/21
After 20 years what would be a good replacement for my Apollo system? Maybe a heat pump and new air handler?


07:37PM | 11/09/21
I have one in my home and I love it. It is more effort Han other types and cheaper to operate . David


12:32PM | 05/19/22
Good luck finding a reasonably priced replacement. Cheapest I found from a local supplier is $1350.

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