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10:21AM | 10/05/04
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I am a female without electrical experience, so be gentle with me *laughing* We are living in a house that was built 12 years ago. We have never had a the circuit breaker trip in this entire 12 years. This morning at 6:00am I went to turn off the ceiling fan at the wall switch and heard a loud pop. All of the power was out in the master bedroom only. I took off the lightswitch cover to make sure there wasn't any obvious signs of smoking or blackness in there, and there wasn't. Then went outside to reset the switch. Power is restored. So now I sit here wondering why or if there could be some scary problem hiding behind my walls or ceiling. Keep in mind that I don't believe it could be an overload since at that time of morning, the only thing running was the ceiling fan and a computer out in the hallway in this 2000 sq ft house. Any ideas? Could it possibly be that the ceiling fan might have problems? It is about 20 years old....we brought it with us from the other house. I know there might be many reasons, but just not sure if I should call out an electrician or wait for it to happen more. Thanks!


09:15PM | 10/05/04
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First let me say " Good for you for trying to learn". I wish more women would get informed and involved. I am male by the way. Now as for the breaker tripping. The fan, if it is out of balance and wobbles could be rubbing a wire raw in the box. It sounds like you have a dead short that cleared itself when it blew. The other place to look is the light fixture. Are you burning lamps that exceed the socket rating? This act can burn the wire insulation right off causing a short. Call an electrician if these ideas prove fruitless. Something caused a short to occur. Breakers trip for a reason. A service call is good insurance and cheaper than your deductable I'm sure.

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02:57PM | 10/07/04
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Thank you so much! I knew this was a friendly site! *laughing* :) Have a good one!

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