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02:57PM | 06/20/05
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I just recently replaced a 4-wire (3-speed)

ceiling fan switch on my ceiling fan. The chain had broken off inside the switch.

After installing the new switch, the fan wouldn't turn

at all. I have tried the swithes at all speeds

and even went out and purchased another switch thinking the first one I bought may have been defective. I am certain I have the new switch wired the same as the old one as I cut off and restripped the wires (so the wires were still on the old switch).

The fan still won't turn (however I can hear a hum in one of the switch positions).

Am I missing something here? I am really stumped.

Any help is appreciated.




12:45PM | 06/22/05
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Your best bet is to try to contact the manufacturer for a wiring diagram.

There are too many variables.


06:19PM | 07/03/05
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OK... I've exhausted trying to fix this fan... Metered out the switch. Its OK. Bypassed the reverse swith and capacitors... I'm convinced I have an open motor winding and its not worth wasting any more time on this. Here's the good news. I found Hampton Bay's Tech Support Hotline number at 800-749-3267. I called them and they said if I supplied the UPC # from the top of the fan, they'd send me the part I needed. As my fan is too old for the UPC number, they said they'd send me a $50 gift certificate from ********** to use how I want. I think that's very fair! I'm waiting for the gift check to arrive in the mail (if I don't get it, I'll report back).


04:03AM | 08/06/05
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good luck - i fixed mine the same way.


08:23AM | 05/31/09
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We broke the pull chain off inside our pull switch in the fan/light assembly last night. Since it was a four wire switch that was interfaced to a 4 wire sealed capacitor that seemed built into the lower light assembly on our fan/light system in out porch, and since the switch was definitely no good as it was and perhaps needed to be replaced, I decided to just take it apart to see if I could attach what was left of the long pull chain. Which I did! It was rather easy, took about 40 minutes. First I cut off the power by turning off the circuit breaker. Then I removed the lamp portion of the fan in which the broken pull switch was located. The fan designers had included a wire harness and quick release that allowed be to remove the entire lamp and fan switch assembly to make it easier to work with then while standing on a ladder. I had access to the pull switch and could see the broken chain inside it. There were some tabs on the clear portion that could be "pushed in" to get the pull chain assembly off the black elec. wired portion of the switch. Once it was off, I was careful to see how the parts fit together, used a small pliers to pull apart the metal pincers that were clinched on the original chain, put the good chain on it and re-pinched this metal piece on it than reassembled the chain assembly so that the spring and ratchet system it contained worked correctly in my hand (with the distinct "clik-clik" when the chain was pulled), and re-attached it to the black piece. I put everything back together but put some oil in the chain near the brass coated screw chain exit port (I could tell that corrosion had destroyed the original chain at this point, probably from condensation over the past 8 years). Power on and we were back in business!


06:28AM | 06/01/09
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Thanks for the update. My poost was a while ago, but I seem to recal I called Hampton Bay regarding the issue and they sent me a voucher for a new fan. As the fan was old anyway, it pitched it and bought a new one. A good deal and good customer service! Jeff


07:47PM | 07/18/09
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I have a Hampton Bay fan with light where the previous owner of the hose took the remote control.

The control unit is built into the light at the bottom, NOT above the fan motor. Home depot and Hampton bay play ignorant and deny any knowledge of the unit. I have found another customer on line with the same control. Does any one know where to find the remote?

The model number on the receiver is UC7051R.


11:50PM | 04/07/14
three speed fan is 15-20 years old, unknown brand. Am trying to attach a light but there is no power in the wire. Is there an internal switch somewhere?


11:57PM | 04/07/14
three speed fan is 15-20 years old, unknown brand. Am trying to attach a light but there is no power in the wire. Is there an internal switch somewhere?


03:48PM | 08/31/14
I too had the chain break off inside the switch . . . BUT . . .
I have a 6 wire, three way, fan switch, for which I can find no replacement.


12:19PM | 09/01/14


03:26PM | 12/10/14
The 4 wire switch has markings on one side that shows, L 1 2 3. The L stands for Load which is the Black wire. 1,2,3 are the fan speed control wires. You can test the speeds one at a time by (Power off) hook up one of the other wires then power on and try it. Then go through this way with each wire to find out which speed they are. Med speed will be for terminal 2. you can then hook up the other two wires on #1 and #3 for either... hi, med, low, off or low, Med, hi, off. If the fan still does not work though you may consider checking out the Capacitor. It may have gone out. Good luck Anonymous :)


06:15PM | 07/19/15
Pro standard high velocity floor fan. -motor wires. Black red brown white blue. Switch wires. Black red yellow blue. Who goes where 120v


05:54PM | 10/21/15
I replaced a 3 speed pull chain switch and it on operates in slow and off, I must have the wires crossed on the switch, could you help me with this,I would greatly appreciate it. Which wire off the capacitor goes to # 1,2,and 3 on the switch.


02:24PM | 04/09/16
I have a 3 speed, 4 wire ceiling fan. Can I eliminate the reverse switch and capacitor to get a 1 speed (high) air blowing downward fan? The light has been disconnected earlier (brown and red). I thought I would disconnect all the other wires and then connect the light's brown to my L on the pull switch and red to No. 1 on the switch.


07:50PM | 09/08/16
Try this website they seem to have variety of ceiling fan switches.


12:59PM | 04/30/20
There was apparently a change to the switch terminals from old Hunter switches to the newer SW-09 meaning that when you replace the switch with a newer one, the wires go on different terminals. Per the old Hunter wiring diagram, BLK goes to 2, GRY to L, GRN to 3, and BWR to 1. Using the newer SW-09, it is BLK to L, GRY to 1, BWN to 2, and GRN to 3.
No idea why they would change. the function of the contact in a rotary switch should be straightforward, but this change explains the problems and frustrations of several of the commenters above.


07:45PM | 05/31/20
i bought a used hampton bay ceiling fan. it worked great for a few weeks but now it only runs on high speed. i put a new 3 speed fan switch in it and there was no change. from what i have read the capacitor is only used to start the high speed on the fan. would a bad capacitor cause the fan to run on high speed only?

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