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04:45AM | 08/07/05
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Forgive my ignorance here! A month agao I got a portable spa that runs on a 110 outlet. The man at the store has one and he says it make his bill go up around %15 per month; I have a friend with the same exact spa and she says her bill didn't even go up that much. My bill was $100 higher than normal! However-I have an electrician coming next week to install a new outlet. When the hottup runs it makes the circuit flip off because there is too much on that circuit I guess. Could this have caused my bill to be so high?

Tom O

06:02AM | 08/07/05
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There may be several factors involved. Does the spa have a heater & if so, do you keep the spa covered when not in use? Also, the heater may be on almost all the time, if the unit can be rewired to 240 volts, heater will put out its full rating and will cycle on & off. At 120 volts, output is so reduced that heater may stay on constantly.

While your electrician is there, have him use a clamp on ammeter to determine if there are other circuits drawing hich amperage, you may have coincidentaly developed a problem on another cirtcuit.



06:18AM | 08/07/05
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thanks for the response. All I know is the heater has a 1500 watt electric heater. I know my friend hasn't changed her wiring to so I'm confused as to why my bill went up so much and hers didn't. I love the hottub-but not if it's going to inflate my power bill $100/month.


08:32AM | 08/07/05
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I come close to the $100/day. So there must be something wrong.

1.5 kw X 1 hour = 1.5 KWH

1.5 kwh X 24 = 36 KWH

Around in my neck of the woods, Fort Mohave/AZ, a KWH is approximately 10 cents.

therefore 36 KWH X 10 cents = 360 cents or 360 cents or 3.60 dollar a day.

3.60 dollar a day X 30 days in a month = $108

That is if the spa runs 24 hours a day, therefore somrething must be wrong, put it on a timer/something.

Let us know how it works out.

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