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08:30AM | 01/10/07
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Could someone please tell me how to use a dimmer at each end of a 3 way circuit controlling one light? I have tried every way I can think of and can't get any results at all. Thank you.

Tom O

10:10AM | 01/10/07
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To the best of my knowledge, you can only have a dimmer at one end of the three way switching. Unless you find a brand of dimmer where the instructions show a dimmer at each end, you'll have to make do with one dimmer only.


12:06PM | 01/10/07
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"Common" 3-way dimmers are dimmers with a built in 3 way switch.

At the 2nd location you use an ordinary 3-way switch. While you can turn it on and off at either location you are limited to the dimmer setting at the first location.

However, there are some "smart dimmers" that can be used to for full controll at several locations.

They use a master dimmer and a the other units are slaves.

Lutron is one brand and the local HD has them. About $50 for a starter kit of a master and one slave.


09:23PM | 01/10/07
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Ok, I went and purchased a set of 1 master and 1 slave dimmer. I can't for sure make out the setup of the 3-way wiring in relation to the load, but here is what I do know. I have at one location 2 blacks and a red and at the other location a red, a white, and a black (at the switchbox). The switches are equipped with a black, yellow, and red wire (master) and then black, yellow, and gray (slave). I can get the master switch working so long as the two blacks are capped together, but cannot seem to get it working with the slave in place. If anyone knows anything about this particular model and how to wire it I would really appreciate the help!


04:15AM | 01/11/07
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Forgot to mention it is the Pass and Seymour Legrand brand.


05:11AM | 01/11/07
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I need the model number or name so that I can look up the wiring.

But I need more information on the wiring.

"I do know. I have at one location 2 blacks and a red"

Is that all of the wires in the box or are there also another cable and conduit that is connected together. If there is just the one then it must be conduit.

" at the other location a red, a white, and a black (at the switchbox)."

Again is that the only cable/conduit are or there others.

At each box what was connected to what with the old switches.

From what you have posted that is not standard wiring. Also it appears that the power and each of the switch feed to the box for the light fixture.

You will need to open up that box and list what all cables/conduits that there are and what is connected to what.


06:43PM | 10/31/20
Sounds like a three way switch loop. The master slave system won’t work with that


10:16AM | 06/15/21
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