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04:54AM | 05/18/07
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Please excuse my ignorance. I just bought a house and am not sure how the light/fan controls really work. I know how to turn them on and off but would really like to know what everything means on the plate. (Especially what the things on the bottom do). Please don't laugh. I tried looking these things up online but couldn't match them with anything. The closest I came was a time controller and these don't do that. Thanks, any help would be appreciated. Oh, the house is only 3 1/2 years old.
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05:43AM | 05/18/07
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Don't know fro sure. this is my best guess.

The one on the right is a dimmer. The switch on the bottom turns it on/off. The slide controls the brightness.

I think the one on the left is the fan speed control. Each button should be a different speed. One might be on/off. There might also be a reverse. Try them and see what happens.


09:41AM | 05/18/07
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The best that I can figure theone on the right is a Lutron Skylark dimmer. And the rocker switch on the bottom is an on/off and you can leave the dimmer slider where you want it.

The one on the left is a timer.

Is this a bedroom? I have seen timers on fans for bedrooms before.

There are a number of different ways to control fan/lights.

My guess is that the dimmer is for the light. And leave the light pull chain on all the time.

The timer is for the fan and you can use the fan pull change to select the speed.


10:21AM | 05/18/07
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I feel stupid. Yes the one on the right is a skylark except the bottom switch doens't do anything. The left bottom thing turns it on and off. The things you press are connected to the fan light and aren't timers. They are dimmers. Doesn't make sense - but then again the wiring in this house doesn't make sense either. There are so many switches, dimmers, etc in each room. A couple of switches, well, I'm not sure what they are connected to at all. Thanks for the input.

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