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12:05PM | 09/28/02
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I have a chimney that the cap rusted on and stained my shingles. I have ashpalt shingles, light gray, and the rust is noticable. I tried CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust remover) with a brush (first diluted, then a full strength-but I was worried about corrosion), but so far am unable to get the rust off.
In addition, there is one spot where there is a black streaking down the shingles..any ideas on this?

Does anyone have any suggestions??? I really dont want to replace the shingles, as there is not damage, only discolor.

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.



11:18AM | 06/04/07
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Did you find anything with the roof. I have the same problem and so far did not get anything.

Please let me know.


03:02PM | 06/04/07
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Both of you are paying the price, That price is the cap material someone decided to go with when the cap was bought and installed !!

Stainless steel is a little more money at you get what was paid for !!

The rust cannot be removed. Don`t try, you may scratch it bald scrubbing.


05:01AM | 06/05/07
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I agree with the the wrong caping. But some contractor that is expert on cutting cost installed it.

That is why I and others have a problem. I found a contractor that wanted to power wash it with some type of chemical. I knew if he does this it would destroy the roof. So I need to get away from the expert contractors and handle it my self, I though this was a way to get help by posting the problem. Be a solution not a problem with the issue I and others are having.

I will hope someone have an idea on what to use.



02:34PM | 06/06/07
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Been roofing almost 30 years,...

How old is the roof ?

Are you familiar with removing roof shingles ?

Can you walk the roof comfortably ?

You came to the right place, I wont steer ya wrong. By your answers I`ll be able to decide your course of action. I got a bag of tricks,....A photo would do wonders for me !!


04:22PM | 03/08/16
Nothing worked but this product that I got from Amazon.

Oxalic Acid 99% 2 lb bag C2H2O4

I tried vinegar, CLR, everything else. This product is a life saver. I already contemplated on replacing my roof shingles!


09:47AM | 06/05/17
I found another post about using oxalic acid and the replies on the thread are positive. Also called "wood bleach" or "Zud." Check out and We are getting ready to try it since our chimney cap is also one of those crappy quality ones and will soon be replaced with a stainless steel one. We also have a 12/12 pitch roof and not excited about that part, but encouraged by what I read on these other threads. I wish you the best!


11:07AM | 06/14/17
Same problem here. All handymen in my area want 350 to 400 to clean off my roof. We had a ac over flow pan rust and primary ac clog so it sent all the rust on the roof. Any other suggestions?


06:52PM | 03/21/20
Can't get rust off of shigles


02:14PM | 04/14/20
To get rust off shingles


07:19PM | 06/29/20
anyone know the oxalic acid ratio to water to remove rust from ashpalt shingles?


07:19PM | 06/29/20
anyone know the oxalic acid ratio to water to remove rust from ashpalt shingles?


07:14PM | 10/31/21
I have the same problem so I googled a solution. I found a post with amazing before and after pics. The guy used a cleaner called F9. Spray it on wait 5 to 10 min and rinse it off. The rust stains were gone. Post said in severe cases you may have to repeat it

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