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11:29AM | 09/15/08
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i have replaced an (ugly) existing fan with a new hunter one and when i rewired it at the wall and turn it on, it pops the breaker. i have no idea about electricity and so im taking a pic of the wiring in the wall box in the hopes that someone (a saint) can tell me how to wire up the new switches. i can draw a diagram of exactly whats going on as well and provide that, no prob. the hours of research ive done on the net and the diagrams galore still arent doing the trick as i dont want to die by electrocution. i rewired the old wall switches the exact same way they were wired before, so i dont know what im doing wrong. if anyone out there is willing to go back and forth on email to help me out, id be SO VERY GRATEFUL, as i assume this is a simple wiring fix and i dont want to pay an electrician an arm or leg to come out for 5 minutes. anyone, anyone, bueller?
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Tom O

01:08PM | 09/15/08
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It looks to me that you would need to connect the black wire at the bottom(the one from the red wirenut) to both switches and then put the red on one switch and black on the other switch.

If that doesn't work, disconnect the wiring at the fan and see if the breaker still trips, if it doesn't, the problem is the connections at the fan. If it still trips with all the wires disconnected at the fan, might be time to call an electrician as it can be frustrating to solve these problems via the internet.


02:05PM | 09/15/08
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thats how i tried it before. what is throwing me is that black wire coming from the wirenut that is bare in 2 places. these 2 places were connected to the previous 2 switches on the bottom screws. the red and black were connected to the top screws. (one was a dimmer switch, the other one regular - i bought new switches to replace both - the new switches have 1 green screw at the top, and 2 gold screws on the other side - did i get the right switches? do i leave the green screw alone?) is the black wire with 2 bare places normal?

i dont know how i would test if the breaker still trips with everything disconnected. i have not installed any new wiring - all the wiring was previously there and working when we bought the house. the previous fan eventually quit, the light followed a few months later. i guess it could be faulty wiring, but would it just manifest like this - with the fan, then light suddenly quitting?

the fan has wires that are blk/white/grn/and one blk/wht striped. i connected the striped to the red wire coming from the ceiling, assuming everything else was pretty obviously meant to match with its color (blk to blk, wht to wht etc). is this correct? and does the striped go to the light or the fan? the instructions do not say. would having the light or fan wires misconnected in the wall OR at the fan cause the breaker to trip?


03:23PM | 09/15/08
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nevermind, me and my husband just tried it and it worked! dunno what the prob was the first time we tried it but apparently i fixed it rewiring it. thanks for your input!

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