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08:07AM | 02/21/03
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I bought a new house back in Jan 2001. One of the “options” my wife and I chose to purchase was a Navajo White (flat) paint “upgrade” throughout the house. The Navajo White was a Kelly Moore brand paint and it turned out perfect. We were told that the home developer (Shapell) watered down the paint, but to me it looks great and the coverage is very good (no roller marks, etc.).

However, over the past couple of years we have randomly painted a number of rooms using Ralph Lauren paints (Flat paint) to add some color to the house. With the RL paints, I have noticed the coverage is not perfect – I see faint roller marks when I look down the wall/side view. Even though I am fairly particular (some say anal), the marks and lack of coverage are very subtle and not something I lose sleep over.

I’m mainly just wondering if I am doing something wrong, and if it is my limited painting knowledge vs. RL paint quality, that is causing the lack of coverage. I have been applying ample amounts of paint, evenly distributed, but the marks are still there. Do I need to apply 2 or even 3 coats? That would be painful. Please let me know if I am missing something. If I can prevent this from occurring in future painting endeavors, all the better.

Lastly, many people have told me that despite the fact RL makes a decent paint, I would be better off using a more experienced painting manufacturer such as a Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc. Any comments or thoughts?

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01:35AM | 02/22/03
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I have not heard alot of good things about RL and if I was you I would go Kelly Moore for your future repaints as I am sure they some good colors and good products and that is all they do is paint and could give you good advice. The RL paint you are using may have some sheen to it even though it sold as a flat and that could be your problem and you may need to apply more than one coat.
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09:47AM | 02/23/03
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Don't blame the paint. First - your walls should have been primed - Builders flat paint is very porous - it will soak up the first coat of paint. If you don't want to prime on something like that - then you will have to do two coats of finish - I don't care whose you use - AND one heavy coat is not as good as two properly applied onew

You should always apply two coats - it is very difficult to guarantee a "one-coat" product. Also, if you chose a dark color - they always take multiple coats to cover - EVERYONE'S dark/bright colors are like that.

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01:08PM | 02/24/03
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MrPaint is correct. RL makes a decent paint-- You will definitely need more than one coat. the only thing I wanted to add to the post-- not vital, but if you are looking for quality paint inside a home, don't use Monarch Paints. They tend to yellow more than others.

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