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03:11PM | 04/18/03
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My complete roof will need to be replaced in the next few years….meaning rafters, sheathing, and all. So I was thinking of raising the pitch a little bit to make some living space up there. Its tall enough that I can stand in the middle wit about 4” over my head and I am 6’ tall. I believe the pitch now is 7/12 or 6/12, I have not really measured it. Would raising it to 8/12 be enough to have some living space? The house is about 26’ deep. Also for the floor to be stable what should the ceiling/floor joists be in size?


08:46PM | 04/18/03
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You could do a scale drawing section to prove it to your self but no- you wouldn't gain much for headroom that way and the joists might need to be beefed up.

If you don't mind me asking, Why did you buy this place? I see your posts in several of these forums and see that the front door is out, the foundation is failing, the floor joists are doubtfull and something about siding and now the total roof needs to be redone.

I'm wondering if there is anything good and salvageable about this house.

I do whole house reno's and it is best if you find a reputable contractor or designer/architect to help you, even as a one time consultant. Every system in a hoiuse affects all the other systems similar to the way that all the paarts of your body work together. You need a total plan before you start doing anything. I cannot count how many tiomes that I am called in to do something or a part of a process and I need to tear apart something they have just done to their house to attack my project, or they fail to tell me of future plans and I could have saved them tons of money by incorporating parts of it into the present one.

So sit down and plan with help and prioritize.

Ever see the movie "Money Pit"?


07:01AM | 04/19/03
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Yes, I saw that movie when it came out. I know my house sounds like that........but you know in the movie they say you can fix anything as long as the foundation is good......well.....
Somethings I am asking about because I need to slow the rate of failure, and would like to repair it myself. Other things I am asking about because we have a new edition to the family due in 8 months or so. The front door is not a big issue, I just need to find one that fits, and will look right with the house. Plus the front door is not exposed to the elements, there is a secure enclosed front porch too.
I bought the house for myself a lil over a year ago, and since then I have had a girlfriend move in, with her dog. The house is only 867 sq feet, so its cramped.
Alot of the things I am looking at changing/fixing are not in need of being done right away. The main concern right now is more room for the baby, and stopping the foundation. The bad area's in the foundation are mainly around the front porch.....which really isn't part of the main houses foundation.
The roof is not failing by no means, but it does have exposed eaves(sp) and some of the rafter ends that are exposed are starting to rot, and will need to be replaced.
The wiring in the house is servicable, but not up to my needs....I do have alot of electronics.
As to why I bought the house, it was priced right, and I like the Craftsman style homes. It sits on a lil over an acre of land, and is half a mile down the street from my best friends house, and 2 or 3 miles from an area I like to relax in. Since it was purchased right, I'll just say that after being in it for a year, my equity is "nice".
I have been recently laid off from work, so I have more time then money, so I thought I would take advantage of the situation, and do as much to the house as I can. I just need to ask the right questions, and be pointed in the right directions. I am good with my hands, and can do just about anything if I put my mind to it. I mean I have restored a few cars, built a race car from the ground up, and I can fly airplanes. Although one of my flaws is if someone tells me it can't be makes me want to do it all the more...
Anyway, thanx for your concern, and replies......anything you can do to help, or point me in the right direction is apriciated..



06:28PM | 04/22/03
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Lifting the roof can be done but the cost could preclude it for you. Your baby will want a roof over his head and you don'ty want to chance leaving everything open for a few weeks working alone.
Structurally, it is a major undertaking.

Since you have decent equity, the best thing would be to spruce up the presentaion things and sell to gain the equity, then buy up to a house that fits your new family, IMO tho that gets complicated by being off work - to qualify for the new loan.

I do remodel and restoration and i often see folks get in over their heads by spending more money to fix and opld one than it would cost to build to suit their needs.

Good luck

If you will be spending a lot of time on this project, you might find faster, better advice here...

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