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03:14PM | 10/20/03
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I would like to redo our cedar ceiling and it currently has (I think) the container in our guest home has pre-catylist lacqueor in it so im assuming that this is what our homes have in it.
What must I do to re-do this?Should I use polyurethane or varnish?How many coats?


01:50AM | 10/21/03
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You should sand the seiling lightly to aid adhesion and wipe with a tack cloth. Then you can apply a oil based polyurethane in satin or gloss with a GOOD chinese bristle brush. You would get the smoothest finish with a sprayer but that may not be practical in a house that is occupied.


07:24AM | 10/21/03
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You say you have another house (guest house),live in that for awhile 3 days tops and get the same product because you cannot just apply a poly or a varnish over lacq.Especially pre-cat the chemical compostion will not work,OH it will work for some time how long?? But ive seen one's where it actually started cracking off the roof lacq really isn't an oil it is a chemical compostion this is why you need lacq thinner because mineral spirits and paint thinner will gum up trying to clean it.
You cannot apply this with a brush for it will dry way to fast like in 3 minutes.
Seeing as how it has already been done before,I wouldn't sand because lacq comes out so nice and even and if you have tounge and groove ceiling im sure your not brushing up against this or touching it plus this stuff pretty much is so smooth after it goes on that you really can't feel rough spots and it prolly already has 2-3 coats on so if you put just 1 on it will bring back the shine.
Use a satin finish for this will really get bright (shiny) from having other on it,rent a 395 sp sprayer with a 511 tip or a 413,don't let whoever you rent it from give you a bigger than that for it will be a problem.Spraying this stuff is so easy,umm get a $2.00 body suit too,most places will give youy a resperator for you to use.
This will be the fastest quickest and easiest,you will have lacq dust to clean when you are done.
I shouldn't have to remind you to hang plastic down on the walls this doesn't get overspray like paint so 3 feet down is good palsticing you floors or a tarp on them will minimize dust.
Just take your time and it will tur out gorgeous.


03:36AM | 10/27/03
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Just got done doing most of the ceilings in our home,we used a sprayer like suggested,all I can say is THANK-YOU,I can not belive it turned out so nice.
Thanks for responding to my email and tipping me to practice on old boards we have around the shops.
Now we are going to live in the guest house for a few days and then take care of that too.
You were right it was so easy to do and use and really kind of fun,but it stinks really bad.
I am just so proud to say that we did it ourselfs too.

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