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03:42PM | 03/01/03
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Is asbestos seeping through the cracks of my wooden floor? I have replaced my carpet with wooden floors, and now a black material is seeping through the cracks of the boards.When the carpet was stripped, a black waxy floor was revealed, and the wooden floor was laid over it.Could that "BLACK" material be asbestos? My home was built before the 80's. What could it be? I'm really worried, please help.

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willies all thumbs

09:26AM | 03/02/03
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Cutback adhesive? Said to contain asbestos,but it should'nt be coming through. The main thing to cause bleed through is solvent, such as insecticide sprayed on the floor.Happens most often on VA/VCT tile floors. too late now, but a felt lining should have been put down before the wood.


12:48PM | 03/02/03
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Thanks for the reply, felt lining was not placed in all places of the floor. Is Painting the floor with a varnish paint an option? Any advice about what I should do? And what does "cut back adhesive" actully look like? texture? color?


08:24PM | 03/02/03
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cut back adhesive looks like black tar and smells a little like solvent,i don't think you have much of a safty issue,use a solvent to clean the leaks,i'm not sure if you can seal it ( maybe someone else will know) good luck

Frank B

11:07AM | 03/10/03
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what kind of floor was your wood floor installed on?.. concrete?.. sounds like it to me.. they used a black adhesive and did a horrible job installing it. if the cracks are big enough for (flexible) adhesive to come up, I'd call the morons back who installed your floor and have them do something about it asap!.. if they glued it to a wood subfloor they're even bigger morons than I thought they were....

Frank B


04:28PM | 03/19/03
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Please excuse my late response Frank B, I think my floor is concrete. Once the floor installers removed all the carpet there was a waxy black material over the concrete. I originally thought the black material was seeping out, but I have since learned that my floor is dried and their is no humidity, and thats why gaps are showing and exposing the black material. Will this cause a major health problem for me and my kids? How big of a Health threat is this? I've been exposed for 4 years.


06:27PM | 03/19/03
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It sounds to me like you have had a sloppy installation as others have mentioned, but you have absolutely zero health threat as far as asbestos goes. There may be slight possibility of off gassing of the volatiles in the black tar emolient but I doubt that, after all these years.

Asbestos is only slightly dangerous when it is friable so that it becomes a dust/powder and floats in the air so you can inhale or ingest it. One method used to render it safe is called encapsualtion. This means that you surrond it to stabilize it to keep it from becoming airbourne. If your old adhsive material did contain asbestos, it is already encapsulated. The only way it will become a danger, is if you remove the flooring and sand it down to the concrete.

I tend to doubt that it is an asbestos product because the asbestos fibres would stabilize the black tar material and actually prevent it dfrom migrating through the cracks in you wood floor.

BTW, I agree that it sounds like you had hacks installing the floor.

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