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07:11AM | 05/07/04
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I have successfully just installed my first tile floor (all by myself, can you tell I am pleased?). Grouting will happen this weekend, but I am finding it impossible to remove the spacers! I used 1/4" hard plastic spacers. I have tried prying them out, and chiseling them out, with little success. I am afraid if I get too agressive with the removal I'll chip the corners of my lovely tile.

Are there any tricks to getting the spacers out, or alternately, am I asking for trouble if I leave them in place and grout over them? Should I have done something differently in the installation tohat would have allowed easier spacer removal?


Tracy in Dolores, CO


10:01AM | 05/07/04
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I would probably just grout over em if they are low enough. Usually instead if sinking them in to the tile grout area, I prop them up using just one side of the spacer, so all the other sides are above the tile.


01:52PM | 05/07/04
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Placing spacers vertically! Good thinking! Will do that for sure next time!

I had been trying to chisel the spacers out with a screw driver and hammer, but will go to a nail instead....sounds like that could work a bit better. I have tried using needle nose pliers, but haven't had much success. The tiles are 15" square porcelian floor tiles...saltillo in appearance. I did chip a small bit on one corner twisting a spacer out with the pliers :-(

I installed the tile last weekend, so everything is bone dry at this point.

Yep, that was me asking about the newbie homeowner tool kit, which was very helpful btw, and I am slowly putting it together.

My next semi-major tool purchase is some type of electric sander.

Yes, home ownership is great fun, but I have more projects on deck than I can ever possibly finish (at least that is how it seems!)

Thanks for the great advice!



05:20PM | 05/25/04
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The spacers can be safely left in place. You definitely risk damaging the tile by attempting to remove them. They serve to keep the tile in place once installed.

Good luck with your project


07:52AM | 05/26/04
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I already removed the spacers using a nail and hammer. It worked great without any damage to the tile or the mastic.

About half the spacers seemed to be sitting up rather high, and I worried that if I grouted over them the grout would eventually flake out, as it would be less than a 1/4 inch thick.

Have you ever had that problem when you grouted over the spacers? Not removing them sure would save time and energy!

Anyway, spacers are already removed and I grouted last weekend. It looks great and I am quite pleased with myself :-)

Now I just have to seal the grout, replace base boards and door jams, and paint! I wasn't planning on painting, but now with the lovely tile the walls really need a frsh coat!



06:14PM | 05/27/04
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People! People! NO NO NO...please do not advise anyone to grout over the spacers unless the spacers are specifically designed to be left in. I can't tell you how much repair work I've picked up over the years thanks to someone else leaving the spacers in a tile job. You can see a cracked little X at every intersection. I always recommend removing, even if the spacer says it can be left in. Thanks

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