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09:32AM | 07/30/05
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Has anyone bought Bellawood from lumber liquidators? I have picked up on the net some comments from unhappy customers but I can not figure out if they are in Ft Worth Texas or if the bellawood products are independently rated from outside source. Is Bellawood a decent product? What should I look out for in buying preengineered hardwood floors? Does lumber liquidators have decent customer service reputation? What if the manufacturer sends damaged or unsatisfactory materials? Easy to exchange or correct to keep customer happy and complete project? I am looking to install about 600sq ft in 2 living areas and a hallway. Brazilian light cherry wood is a probable choice. Old carpet is down now and will be removed and new floor laid over concrete slab


04:32AM | 08/04/05
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I installed brazillian cherry from LL in my home. The product is wonderful...beautiful and durable (almost indestructible). LL however cant even spell customer service. They never got me my trim pieces... after about a year i just bought them somewhere else. In their defense though, everyone else wanted 9.00-11.00 per sq, ft,for my flooring and they sold it to me for 4.75


05:50PM | 08/23/05
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If you want a company which offers good products and good service, try i'm not sure if they have bellawood though. i bought a nice brazilian cherry floor from them, westhollow...fantastic. there's also an article in there about other good hardwood brands, worth checking out.


11:23AM | 05/19/07
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Sample piece did not match purchased product. Each piece seems to have somehow picked up visable scratches, we don't even wear shoes on this floor! Perhaps my kid's plastic toys are scratching it. Oh, trim pieces provided at high cost were a different species of wood and didn't come close to matching. Oh by the way, after you try to return them, they are non-refundable! Avoid the Virginia Mills Handscraped Teak (I'm not sure it is teak) and Lumber Liquidators if you want to save yourself a headache. If you don't believe me, just download and read the warranty information on their products.


01:09PM | 05/19/07
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why did you accept the delivery if it did not match the samples ?

why did you install it if it did not match the sample ?

why did you install the transition if they did not match the product/samples ?

You install the product then claim foul ?

And now you claim you scratched it and someone else is to blame.

I wouldnt not refund your money either.

This is an important post for all diy'er to read and understand.

By installing it, you accepted it.

By electing a do it yourself purchase and installation instead of through a reputable flooring retailer offering a complete sales and installation service, you miss out on some of the most important tried and true methods of flooring retailing and installation by experienced sales professionals staff, installation professionals, operations professionals, and management professionals skillsets to save a buck.

It is a hard lesson but you can not blame Lumber Liquidators.

Blame yourself, Not Lumber Liquidators.

1. You always confirm shipped materials being delivered are the right product at the time of delivery, color, and shade variance ordered, and also all of the same dye lot.

2. always inspect product prior to install, and if it isnt right, DO NOT INSTALL IT. Call in for a return RMA number and/or start the returns process to get the right product.

3. Hardwood is a natural product and may vary in shade from samples. Every piece will not be the exact same, but If this shade variance is to much for you, DO NOT INSTALL IT.

If your floor is scratching, you can contact the manufacturer for a claims dispute.

If your use of the hardwood flooring is unacceptable to the manufacturer, your claim can be denied becasue you abused the floor causing the scratched.

Do not install hardwood in a utility or play area where abuse could scratch the floor.

Contact the wood manufacturer for a claim.

Lumber Liquidators did not isntall your product.

You are the genberal contractor for your project, not lumber Liquidators.

If you dont want the responsibility, then hire a local reputable flooring retailer for the complete installed sale who will act in your stead to the manufacturers for a product defect claim.

You cant have it both ways here.

You elected to be your own genral contractors for this project to save a buck.

Dont blame someone else for your mistakes.


There are two ways to do any job.

The right way and the wrong way.

Do it right everytime.




03:40AM | 06/06/07
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Sorry that you had such a bad time with your wood floor. I have purchased and installed several floors of varying species and brands. Lumberliquidators is just like any large wholesaler. That particular store is only as good as the people working there. You must know what you want before you get there and don't be afraid to tell them if there product is not what you want. I was lured in the first time by there great .99 cent a foot oak flooring. However, when I saw it, I was not impressed. Like many things in this life, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. However, I have not seen Bellawood scratching up very easy. That I would check on.


10:51AM | 02/02/08
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I will blame this company for showing me a sample product and the boxes contain something else.

It is unrealistic to inspect each piece of wood flooring at time of purchase.

Shame on me for trusting this dis-honest company.

If your saying that it is OK for plastic toys to scratch something with 5 coats of finish, I'll call you a fool or someone who works for Lumber Liquidators customer service.

When a house is being built you can't say, all other contractors have to wait until I get my transaction with the flooring company straightened out.

Save yourself a heartache and buy your flooring somewhere reputable.

Read their waranty that they love to brag about. The only one protected by it is Lumber Liquidators.

By the way, Virginia Mills is in CHINA.


10:55AM | 02/02/08
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I forgot to mention. Virginia Mill Works is essentially Lumber Liquidators, which makes them the manufacturer.

As you can read from many customer reviews contacting them will not help.


06:35AM | 11/05/10
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I don't want anyone else to go through what we have gone through by choosing Lumbar Liquidators. After years of waiting for a new floor, we were excited to have it installed, but it has been a huge headache ever since. Lumbar Liquidators and their installer installed defective select natural red oak flooring. We tried to work with their customer service along with the installers customer service with no solution. When the inspector came out, his comment when he left was wear shoes so you don't get slivers in your feet. Everyone who has come to our home even the GE repairmen are surprised with how bad the product is and how Lumbar Liquidators don't do anything to fix it. Please don't go with Lumbar Liquidators, they do not stand behind their product or their installation, it has been a huge headache and stress for our family. Also, the comments on Lumbar Liquidators website are controlled by them. Therefore, you only see the good comments, which is not fair to the future customers.


01:11PM | 07/30/13
I bought and had installed golden teak handscraoed floors from Lumber Liquidators. The floors are beautiful and I get compliments on them frequently. I thought Lumber Liquidators were very nice and helpful.


01:54PM | 04/10/14
Do not use Lumber Liquidators. The do not stand behind their product. They honestly have absolutely no warranty against defects of any kind. Very rude customer service.


12:20PM | 08/06/14
I purchased a mahogany, 3/4 inch floor from ll, I used the installer recommended, and went with their suggestions. I ended up with 3/4 inch hardwood glued to concrete, and lots of defective boards. Installer bailed out and I am stuck with a poorly installed floor that is not covered by warranty. My only mistake was in going to lumbar liquidators, who sold me 2000 worth if glue for a nail down floor


04:18PM | 09/01/15
We moved into our new home at the beach in April 07.Bellawood light ash floor with 50 year warrantee from Lumber Liquidators was installed just prior to moving in. Last year the floor stated to fail. The softwood grain in the floor is sinking leaving holes and empty spaces in the finish. I contacted Lumber Liquidators in May and started a dialog about this problem. There is one problem: I can't find my invoice. LL told me that this would not be a problem when we talked on the phone. It seems to be a problem after all. They asked for phone numbers and address' and found our name and town listed but it went no further. We have been around and around with them on this. I have emails. They say they will get back to me but never do. I contact them again and they apologize and say they will get right on this and get right back to me. They don't. Our contractor "Bitwise" who installed the floor has tried working with LL on our behalf and has gotten the same results. I am very frustrated and don't know what to do next.
(The floor is not a large area. Living room kitchen in a cabin

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