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05:12PM | 02/05/05
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I think the roof guys don't like it because its so easy for the homeowner to do it

themselves and save tons.


06:22PM | 02/05/05
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Well, videorov, why don't you try it and let us know the results, after a few years? Personally, I have seen Ondura used on homes, and I don't know of any that has lasted more than 5 years. So if you have some case studies or experiences that are more positive, please share them with us so that we can be better informed.


11:28PM | 02/07/05
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I agree with pgriz.

Since Ondura looks like junk, goes on like junk, and wears like probably IS junk...or so anyone with sense would think, eh?


07:49PM | 02/12/05
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I'm a roof guy and i don't like it because I won't cheat a customer by selling them crap. I did have a customer who had installed his own Ondura call me to replace it - only four years later when it wqs falling apart.

But us roof guys don't know nuthin anyways. We're all dumb hicks who don't know the real secrets of Ondura roofing

Excellence is its own reward!


02:52AM | 03/29/05
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Most roof guys may not "like" a certain roof product for a host of reasons.

My reasoning goes like this:

New roof products come out just about every year. The manufacturers make wonderfull and amazing claims for them. The test of time weeds out the junk from the good.

Have you ever heard of PERMATEK or WOODRUF? Both of these products were recommended, then installed on a massive scale. "Everyone" from Insurance companies to distributors to factory reps {and even a number of roofers}, preached on about the glorious benefits and durability of these items...only to result in thousands upon thousands of homeowners stuck with a pile of JUNK sitting on their homes. These piles of JUNK, representing a huge initial investment, were relied upon to protect the families from the elements as well as their worldy possesions and personal treasures.

Personally, I have nothing against homeowners who want to try their hand at installing or reparing their own roofs. I've spent countless hours explaining to folks or how to repair a leak, or re roof, etc. I will do the same on occasion on my home when confronted with a pricey improvement I believe I can do myself.

But, it pays to be suspicious of new roofing products and the claims made by the manufacturers.

Does anyone seriously believe that the new "lifetime" asphalt shingles will last 50-60 years? Anyone who does is not facing the reality of asphalt sitting in the sun/wind/rain/snow/ice year after year. These warrantees are based,in part, on statistics which show that the house will change hands a number of times during that time, thereby eliminating the warrantee.

Does anyone really believe that ANY type of plastic or vinyl will last on a roof for years and years without drying out, cracking, warping, etc.? I think not.

Bottom line, I will not push any product I'm not confident in. I WILL install a new product, at the homeowner's insistence, as long as he/she's aware of my concerns with it and the claims made for it.

My opinion only.

One who enjoys helping with roof problems, for the fun of it.


08:19PM | 06/17/08
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I have had it on my house for over 6 years. It has lasted throught 70+ mph winds, temperatures exceeding over 100 Degrees Fahreinheit and single digit winter temperatures. It has held up to over 2 feet of snow and trees (though no branches fell on it). I can't say the same for my shingled part of the roof. The shingles disintigrated due to overhanging tree branches (about 10 yrs worth of it) before the tree was finally removed with extreme predjudice. I love my Ondura roofing, and the rest of my house will be done with it. It is extremely cost effective.


02:49PM | 06/22/08
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After roofing for almost thirty years,.....I can honestly say that properly installed,

Wood/1"butts x 17"


Ceramic tile

16 guage copper/metal

are good lifetime choices.

For greater performance, use copper or stainless steel fasteners !!

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