Slide 1: Red Vintage Fiberglass Chair


Inspired by a fiberglass chair makeover that she saw online, artist, crafter, and home renovator extraordinaire Abbey Hendrickson, of Aesthetic Outburst, turned to a similar but “yucky” chair that had been sitting dormant in her mudroom and prepared it for a facelift.

Sitting Pretty: 11 Amazing Chair Makeovers

Chairs are hospitable and versatile. Adding a couple of great chairs is an easy and affordable way to give a space a new look—plus, chairs are a cinch to reposition and move around as needed. This friendly adaptability is perhaps what motivates DIYers to habitually pick them up at thrift shops, auctions, and flea markets, or to resurrect them from the trash. In the hands of our 10 featured aesthetes, artists, and chair visionaries, this collection of broken and antiquated seats have been fortified and revamped with paint, fabric, trim, and a helping of TLC. Witness how, thanks to the patience and skill of these wonder-workers, each piece has been transformed into a better version of its former self.

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