Decorative Trim and Removing or Repairing Old Shingles

Project: Victorian Restoration, Episode 5, Part 4

The barn's roof system gets a makeover. First, LP sheathing forms the new roof deck, then Owens Corning shingles and Velux skylights are installed. Inside the barn, a space-saving high-velocity air-conditioning system from SpacePak is being retrofitted on both floors.

At the main house, Charlie Tomaszewski and crew are making repairs to the decorative dentilation, as well as working on the shingles and a new gutter system. Inside, electrician Barry Driscoll is putting in new recessed light fixtures from Lightolier.
Part 1: HVAC System Installation
Part 2: Installing Architectural Shingles and Skylight
Part 3: Installing Recessed Lighting Fixtures
Part 4: Decorative Trim and Removing or Repairing Old Shingles
Bob talks with general contractor Charlie Tomaszewski, who is replacing, or removing, old shingles. The home's original wood shingles were covered for 30-40 years by manmade shingles, during which time the originals became brittle. Some of the shingles were replaced but, for budget reasons, those that could be saved were saved, leaving behind a patchwork of new and old shingles to be painted.
Located just five miles from downtown Boston, Bob's scouts discovered a Victorian-era house in a neighborhood of family homes on tree-lined streets that was past due for a full-scale renovation.

The home's new owners, a work-at-home family, have set goals to modernize the home's floor plan, update the building's mechanical and electrical systems, and add home office and work spaces for two busy professionals.