Removing Unwanted Junk and Debris

Bob discusses the best ways to discard debris and unwanted items before starting a renovation.

Clip Summary

1-800-GOT-JUNK removes all the basement junk and debris, including construction waste, old appliances, and a 400-pound, 80-year-old set-stone sink that had deteriorated to the point of being unusable. Discarding old, unused property is the cheapest way to add space to a home. The environmental benefit is that the junk removal service's recycling and reuse efforts help reduce the amount of material sent to local landfills.
Finally, we called 1-800-GOT-JUNK and they came in and it was amazing.

They took everything, even the construction waste we generated from the demolition, the appliances , the heavy disgusting set tub... they took it all.

We're the world's largest junk removal service.

All you have to do is call the 800 number and we'll arrive within a two-hour time window.

Once we arrive, you show us the junk that you have, just point to it and we'll do all the loading for you.

We take furniture, appliances, construction debris, yard debris, we'll take anything non-hazardous.

We'll come over with a...
we have a set pricing and we'll explain the pricing before we start.

And then once we take care of the pricing then we start loading and then you don't have to lift a finger Make daily trips to Salvation Army, Goodwill and a variety of other charities.

Daily we go to these places.

We stock our trucks in such a way that, once we leave your house, we go to three or four places to dispose of everything, because we recycle and donate sixty, seventy percent of what we take, on average.

And so, we what we do is, we'll drive to Goodwill and Salvation Army, like I said, almost everyday. And they love us.

We pull in, they just, 'Oh my God, here they come,' because we are donating a lot of the stuff.

We're not into reselling things.

We're into donating and recycling, and in the old days, everything went into a dumpster and never got recycled.

Now, with us, everything gets stacked, sorted methodically and then disposed of properly.

Well, our prices are set, which is nice, because if it's the same price for everybody for everything you have, we have a set price for every level on the truck.

So, it depends on how much you have.
So, if you only have a little, you only pay a little , and you don't pay for any more than what you have. So prices start at 124 just to fill up the smallest amount of a truck then they go up from there.

It's very simple. People will see our phone number on one of our trucks. They call the 1-800-GOT-JUNK number. You can also book online 24 hours a day and you can call the 800 number 24 hours a day, also to book your appointment. It's the cheapest way to add space to your house.

Well since we've been in business we've heard word that the amount of waste going to transfer stations and land fills has decreased since we've been in business and it's unofficial word, but we do recycle so much that before we were in business everything went into a dumpster and then into a landfill.

And now, there's over 40 or 50 trucks in New England recycling and donating so a lot less is going into land fills now.

We work all winter, we work in the rain, we work six days a week and couldn't get done without these guys.

These guys do an unbelievable job.

I've been told by the franchise owner that we have one of the best crews in the country here on the north shore.

But, I just can't say enough good things about the crew.

They do dirty, hard work every day and they're awesome.