Installing Whole-Home Audio and Appliances

Project: Basement Finishing and Family Space, Episode 11, Part 3

Bob is in Melrose to review progress, much of which includes creating a dry and moisture-proof basement. He reviews measures taken to develop perimeter drainage, isolate exterior walls to drain into the channel, install a sump system with power backup, and connect a dehumidifier that is designed to work with basement moisture and lower temperatures. An inorganic underlayment for the carpet will keep this finished basement dry even if water makes a return visit. A unique take on window blinds covers the three-panel sliding door with sheer washable fabric that pulls across the surface for privacy and resembles hanging drapes. In the living room, the family opts for blinds that can pull up or down for varying light and privacy levels. A whole-home audio system is also installed with adjustable surround sound, speakers, and multiple remotes for ultimate sound control. The audio source controls multiple zones, including the kitchen and the yard, which has special weatherproof speakers. In the basement a new laundry and utility area is outfitted with a front-loading, energy-efficient washer and dryer, a new freezer, a refrigerator, and a microwave for easy living. A 50-inch flatscreen television and a separate TV for the kids' bedroom complete the technology makeover.

Part 1: Eliminating Basement Moisture
Part 2: Installing Blinds and Window Shades
Part 3: Installing Whole-Home Audio and Appliances
Bob talks with family friend Andrew Gillis, an expert in the latest audio/visual equipment. The unit installed in the Melrose home is a Bose Lifestyle Whole Home Audio system, which features surround sound for the room. Speakers that connect to the system were also installed in different zones throughout the house and yard. Using this system, different music selections can be played in different parts of the home. One of the zones was connected to the stereo wirelessly. Fixed zones were also put in the kitchen and garden. These different zones can be controlled via remote. Up to 340 CDs can be stored in the central player. Music libraries can be set up for each member of the family. Based on that person's past musical selections, the system can adapt accordingly and help the user find preferred songs more easily. The Bose system has multiple components and is connected using a Bose interconnect cable. In the garden, Bose outdoor-rated speakers were installed. These speakers can be partially buried into the ground, making them less visible. The base system costs about $5,000. The remotes can control the base unit from anywhere within the house. A product called Adapt IQ allows homeowners to tune the system's surround sound automatically. The space in the basement is an unusual space and the tuner should be used when all the furniture is in place to determine the settings for the speakers. A half bathroom and a laundry were also installed in the basement of the Melrose home. These systems were installed using a pump system because the room is below street level and needs to have wastewater pumped up to the sewer lines. A SwanStone Deep Laundry Sink was put in place with a Moen faucet. A Whirlpool front-loading washer and dryer set was also installed. In order to fit so much material in a limited space, the homeowners shopped for appliances using, which gave the couple detailed information on different brands, including sizes and shapes. Brandsource carries information from over 2,500 retail outlets and features $10 billion in products. The appliances were installed by a local dealer. The washing machine is a Whirlpool Duet, which features extra-large capacity, is energy efficient, and has storage in the bottom. A large freezer from Amana was installed along with a refrigerator-freezer and a GE microwave. A GE wine cooler chills beverages in the other room. The TV is a 50-inch Samsung flat panel. A 42-inch plasma Samsung TV was also installed in the master bedroom. A smaller television set was installed in the children's room. A stainless-steel grill was put in the backyard.