Installing Whole-Home Audio and Appliances

A whole-home audio system is installed, along with new appliances, including laundry machines, a freezer and fridge, and an outdoor grill.

Clip Summary

Bob talks with family friend Andrew Gillis, an expert in the latest audio/visual equipment. The unit installed in the Melrose home is a Bose Lifestyle Whole Home Audio system, which features surround sound for the room. Speakers that connect to the system were also installed in different zones throughout the house and yard. Using this system, different music selections can be played in different parts of the home. One of the zones was connected to the stereo wirelessly. Fixed zones were also put in the kitchen and garden. These different zones can be controlled via remote. Up to 340 CDs can be stored in the central player. Music libraries can be set up for each member of the family. Based on that person's past musical selections, the system can adapt accordingly and help the user find preferred songs more easily. The Bose system has multiple components and is connected using a Bose interconnect cable. In the garden, Bose outdoor-rated speakers were installed. These speakers can be partially buried into the ground, making them less visible. The base system costs about $5,000. The remotes can control the base unit from anywhere within the house. A product called Adapt IQ allows homeowners to tune the system's surround sound automatically. The space in the basement is an unusual space and the tuner should be used when all the furniture is in place to determine the settings for the speakers. A half bathroom and a laundry were also installed in the basement of the Melrose home. These systems were installed using a pump system because the room is below street level and needs to have wastewater pumped up to the sewer lines. A SwanStone Deep Laundry Sink was put in place with a Moen faucet. A Whirlpool front-loading washer and dryer set was also installed. In order to fit so much material in a limited space, the homeowners shopped for appliances using, which gave the couple detailed information on different brands, including sizes and shapes. Brandsource carries information from over 2,500 retail outlets and features $10 billion in products. The appliances were installed by a local dealer. The washing machine is a Whirlpool Duet, which features extra-large capacity, is energy efficient, and has storage in the bottom. A large freezer from Amana was installed along with a refrigerator-freezer and a GE microwave. A GE wine cooler chills beverages in the other room. The TV is a 50-inch Samsung flat panel. A 42-inch plasma Samsung TV was also installed in the master bedroom. A smaller television set was installed in the children's room. A stainless-steel grill was put in the backyard.
Andrew Gilles is with us now. He's a friend of the homeowner's and he is an expert on the latest in audiovisual equipment. And we need your help.

Now what did they choose, this is a Bose system, right?

This is the Bose Lifestyle whole home audio system.


It basically does surround sound down here in this room for the television and then it also has zones throughout the house that do audio for the different rooms.

So we have got the capability of putting different sounds, different music selections, in different parts of the house. And even though this is a small house it's still, it's now four levels I think. So you can get all over the place. Now, is that achieved wirelessly?

Well, some of the parts are wireless. See, there is a wireless zone that you can put anywhere in the house where you can get music and then there's also fixed zones in the kitchen and then outside in the garden.

And there's a remote, a wireless remote for each one of those.
What is this thing that were looking at right here?

This is sort of the core of the whole system here.
This is where all of the music is stored and we sort of configure the system. And, all of the other remotes actually, you know, use this system to to send audio to the rest of the house.

Does it equate to what I think is a tuner and then a DVD player and a CD player and that sort of thing?

Yeah, this is actually all of those things in one you can actually take all of your CD library and store it in this system and then have access to it.

They, yeah, no Ricardo our homeowner is a musician and I understand he has over 300 CDs here in the house. How many can you burn in here?

This is holds 340 CDs.


So you can take 300 in here, and then the system you can actually set up, a sort of music libraries for each person in the home.

And as they listen to the music and they pick which songs they like and which ones they don't the system will actually adapt to them and help them find songs that they like automatically. That's actually what I'm setting up here I have set up some zones.

So you've got a holiday mix right now but you've got one zone for the kids and one for the husband and one for the wife.

So, this, this is our back room panel for all of our, all of our, av equipment.
This is where, this is where I'm mounting the amplifiers that go with the, with, with the Bose media center. The Bose media center has multiple components, and we're connecting them all with this, with this Bose interconnect cable.

And this is the hub, right here, that you wire the , connects all of the wires together.

Outside, we have our our Bose outdoor-rated speaker, here. These can actually be buried a little bit in the ground, and that allows them to, to have a sound that fills the yard, but, but not be seen.

What's this all cost?

I believe this system is, is about $5,000.

For, for all the different rooms in the house.

That's mostly just for the base, I think the other ones are extra.

And what other pieces of equipment are involved in whole thing? It's pretty much just this system here, there's also an amplifier that works with each of the system, the speakers upstairs.

Does this open?

Yeah, this is, you can actually put a DVD in here if you want to watch it on the screen here.
But yeah , most of the system is controlled with the remote control.

Even when you're outdoors?

Yeah, all of Bose remotes are radio, so you don't have to be in the room where you're using them.
You can be anywhere and they'll work.

OK, and then what about, this is the main place where the action takes place.
This is where they're the getting the big screen TV . Will this also provide them with a surround sound capability?

Yeah, this has 5.1 channel surround sound. It has the Acoustimass module on the floor here, and tiny speakers front and back

And what is the Adapt IQ do for it?

This system actually, can be adapted to the room. A lot of high end homes have these custom audio systems That have, you have to have an engineer come in, and actually tune the system to your house.

To the conditions of the room.

Right, because of course the rooms are different and people sit different places and so the system you actually put on this little headset and walk around the room and it will tune the system.

So once they have the furniture arranged, and this is not a huge room. It's kind of a rectangular room. It's twice as long as it is deep. The ceilings are low, there is acoustical walls and everything. It's an unusual space, so once they've laid out their furniture and such they can use those to perfectly balance the system.

Yeah, you only have to do it once. It takes about ten minutes and once it's tuned to that room, you'll always get really good sound no matter what's going on.

Sounds like heaven. Thanks Dan.

One of the other things that we got to do in creating this new basement space was to carve-out a half bathroom and a laundry room. And everything is on a pump system because we're in a basement space below the grade of the street.

So, we've got a limestone deep laundry sink with one of these great Moen faucets here, we have room for the ideal laundry equipment. This is of course the front loaders from whirlpool that make life easier for the homeowner especially since they're elevated and have the storage space underneath it. And on and on, there's so many details that managed to get fit right into this very tight space.

You know Sarah and Ricardo had a lot of different appliances and electronics to fit in their house, and they had some really unique constraints, like, the size of this room.
So, what they did was they went online to get the different brands, sizes and shapes to fit in here.

You know, BrandSource is a national entity that has almost 2,500 retail outlets, doing almost ten billion dollars with great buying power, so they got an awesome deal.

Everything was professionally installed by our local dealer, Gray's Appliance here in Melrose. This is a state of the art whirlpool duet pair, you can manually set everything to have a customized wash, or let the machine do everything for you. It's extra large capacity it'll save tons of energy and it has great storage underneath, and these machines are ultra quiet.

Mom and dad in this family both work, so they can't shop for groceries every other day.
That's why they need a large freezer, like this one, from Amana. Plus, it fits great under the stairs.

And, if that's not enough, we have even more freezer space in this bottom-up freezer from Amana. With more refrigeration for extra beverages, birthday cakes, and everything else you need for entertaining.

In the other room we even have a GE wine cooler which will chill your beverages to the perfect temperature.
And we have a GE microwave for popping the perfect popcorn. Because there's going to be a lot of movies here, with all the home theater, that we have in the other room.

And anchoring the system down here is a fifty inch Samsung flat panel.
Samsung is state of the art, top end, its flat panel and it really brings the movie theater experience home.

And in the master bedroom a slightly smaller 42 inch Samsung plasma is great because its so slim it doesn't dominate the decor. And the kids even got their own little Samsung LCD set up for watching DVDs in their own room.

And all these units were easy to compare and contrast online at
Plus the homeowners got great quality service from our local brand source outlet which allowed them even more time for this beautiful stainless steel grill.

That's it for this week. Next week, we will be showing the completed project. Including all the furnishings that are coming down into the wonderful basement family room, as well some of the changes throughout the rest of the house. Until then, I'm Bob Vila. Thanks for joining us.